7 Things And A Show Review

Sean here, and even though I don't like doing these things (honestly, I just don't like spending so much time thinking of myself...not that you do if did this...I just take a while), I'll do it anyway to satisfy your curiosity:

7 things I plan to do before I die:

Visit all desired international destinations (i.e. Japan, Prague, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Russia, Egypt, South America, Scandanavia, etc.)
Learn a form of Martial arts
Appear on a CD (audio or visual) with a metal band (real or fake)
Learn a second language
Live in another country
Visit all 50 U.S. states (19 down; 31 to go)
Write a screenplay good enough to be made into a movie

7 things I can do:

Care for a baby on my own
Be fooled easily be tricks, illusions, and lies
Sit through the rape scene in Irreversible
Get along with my stepson's father
Drive while sleeping (never intentional and not recommended)
Tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi

7 things I cannot do:

Make beer
Make music (this includes singing)
Lie, cheat, or steal and feel okay about it
Stay awake while reading
Understand the correct song lyrics

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

Nice-smelling hair
Honest eyes
Mean blow jobs

7 things that I say most often:

Chun chun chun chun (imitating a metal guitar)
Wanna watch a movie?
What the fuck?
I can't stand (Yuengling) Lager
I gotta do dishes
You gotta be kiddin' me

7 celebrities crushes (this part serves no purpose but to cause trouble and hurt feelings, and because I spent too much time carefully thinking about what to say, I'm just not going to list anyone since I have no crushes on any celebrities. Even though I may find many celebrities unrealistically attractive [men and women alike], I do not wish to have sexual relations with them nor do I have fantasies about them. However, I am a big fan of celebrity gossip, and I do find celebrities intriguing. I am interested in celebrity dirt, and I am a huge supporter of celebrities who make more $$$$ in a game, show, gameshow, or movie than I'll make in my entire life.)

7 people I want to do this:

Nobody who has a blog site since you all did this already (if not, feel free). My list includes:

Bella (if she could communicate)
My dad
My brother Billy
My brother Brion
My brother Vinnie
My grandmom, Mojam

Now that that is out of the way, I want share a review that I wrote about a show that I attended two Thursdays ago at the Catholic Center (of all places) at Drexel University:

Horsing Around

Basically, I attended what turned out to be one of the craziest and best shows I ever been to. Knowing about Horse The Band is one thing, but seeing Horse The Band is a WAY different story. It needs to be seen to be believed, which is why I picked up their DVD after their performance. Outstanding and hands down one of the best bands I have ever seen live. They are instantly one of my favorites with the way they performed.
My main draw was Curl Up And Die from Las Vegas, NV, who were one of the openers. They are one of my favorites, and it's usually impossible to see them since they are a west coast band. With them being in town for the cancelled Hellfest of Trenton, NJ, I had to take advantage and check them out. They were really good and crazy (except when the vocalist ripped the cross off of the wall and smashed it to bits due to microphone problems...that's just disrespectful), but Horse The Band blew me away with their psychotic "Nintendo core". I heard OF their "Nintendo core" before (heavy metal laced with a Nintendo-sounding organ), but I never imagined that they would be able to play it live so well. I never heard their music previously (only heard about it), so that was also a pleasant surprise. The guy playing the Nintendo organ blew me away. He plays so fast during the speed metal parts that I thought that he was going to explode. The battery operated red-eyed bat hanging from the ceiling was definitely a good stage prop that went well with their music. Unfortunately, the convulsing guitar player smacked it with the head of his guitar, and the bat blew into a million pieces before the set was over.
Another band that blew me away was Shark! Shark!, which reminded me of a mix
between Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Mr. Bungle, Ministry, and Refused. No drummer
(2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 vocalist), so they pulled the drum machine off live extremely well. Unfortunately, they didn't have a CD, but be on the lookout for them. Good catchy techno metal.
Even an indie rock band blew me away with an impressive performance (Detroit, MI's Bear Vs. Shark). There were marachas and cowbells and other sorts of alternate percussion, and the singer played a little piano, which I dug. The music was spastic, but you can tell it was thinking man's rock. The singer talked about sail boats and Waterworld and other interesting topics...sometimes while preaching from the top of a ping pong table. Good stuff. Reminded me of a mix between At The Drive In and These Arms Are Snakes.
4 solid performances and 2 mediocre performances (Life In Pictures and Philly's The Grand Finals were the other two bands) made for a very entertaining night. But there was more. After Horse played, these three guys got on stage and performed some sort of drum machine induced Viking metal tribute. This guy as skinny as Napoleon Dynamite was dressed in nothing but bear skins, a viking helmet, and a sword holster. He even had a real sword, and his vocals
ranged between death metal and falsetto and Slayer's Tom Araya screams. The 2nd guy
played a mix between Scandanavian and death metal guitar riffs, and the third guy worked the drum machine. They also had a fog machine. I have no idea who they were and who authorized them to play their 1 song/10 minute set. Obviously done in jest, it capped off what was one of the best shows I ever witnessed. The crowd energy was definitely alive and moshiing heavily during the music but dead and pretentious as usual in between sets (must have been that angsty age I can no longer relate to [I was one of the oldest people there at 28]). The lack of stage made it a group huddle type of gathering. It was almost ritualistic the way everyone was circled around the bands going crazy with the crazy music. You can tell a lot of people were friends, so they were doing these rehearsed motions in unison that looked funny (like imitation group buttfucking and passing around the viking helmet). I wish someone was there to experience it with me, but sometimes, it's the shows you go to by yourself that turn out to be
the best.

As always, sorry for the ultra-long post, but as always, it was long overdue.

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lonna said...

Wow, usually when I see a show with 6 bands they all suck except for the one I wnet to see. That's great that you had such a good time.

Kodi said...

Great review. You make me want to go see some live bands, and I haven't done that in ages. I definitely should have included nice smelling hair in my attractions, though my husband shaves his head, so maybe not. I love it when my daughter's hair smells nice. I can totally picture you doing the guitar thing too. eiognwow