vacation music

jen o. asked me what kinda music I'm listening to.

well, I'm not listening to much lately. it's too much work to change cds in my car. but...

1. kyw news radio 1060. and yes, it counts. I listen to this more than anything by a margin of 3 to 1.
2. interpol - antics
3. newer radiohead - though this is finally starting to get old for me after 3 years (hail to the thief, kid a, amnesiac)
4. modest mouse's good news for people who love bad news and franz ferdinand self titled - I'm listening to these both but only because I haven't taken them out of my car for 4 months. I really would like to be listening to something else now. I'm done.
5. the cd that I made for my dad for father's day - it has some of the more acoustic and countryish neil young, plus some glenn miller (who I love) and old swing (which I love) and some bobby darin. and a few songs from the o brother where art thou soundtrack, including the song he and I danced to at my wedding - you are my sunshine.
6. bear vs. shark - sean just bought this cd for me when he went to the aforementioned show. I didn't read his whole thingie down there so he may have covered this, but they sound a little like at the drive in and newer cave in, but not nearly as melodic. (ps, when is cave in coming out with another cd? one that's more like jupiter and less like crap, I mean.) the thing that bothers me is that they are from detroit, apparently, but they sing like they have a faint british accent. why do bands do this? you know who does this and it makes me so mad, because they are totally from california??? GREEN DAY. the jig is up, people. if you're giving interviews at the VMAs, people are going to know you're not english, govnah. I realize they aren't trying to pretend that they are from across the pond, but what's with the accent then? annoying.

I know I already went over 5, but I do have to add that I also am really quite fond of the they might be giants here come the abc's cd. I love the alphabet lost and found - the concept is that there is a place where letters can go when they get separated from the word they belong in:

There was an apple that lost his 'a'
There was a zebra that lost his 'z'
There was a chauffeur that left his 'auffer' on the dashboard
Of the car that lost its 'r'
Where they gonna go to find their letters?
They're gonna have to get together-At the alphabet lost and found

anyway, if you have kids, it's really a great cd to listen to because it's not inane drivel that will make you go nuts if you listen to it for even one. more. second.

and then there are the songs on the radio that drive me b-a-n-a-n-a-s, like the stupid humps song that I can't get out of my mind. and when did bow wow get all growed up??

and now, I must bid you all a fond farewell until next tuesday. I only seem to blog when I'm at work, and after noon today, I'm outta here, enjoying sun and surf with the eggertses at what philly pholk call "down the shore". like nicole said, I'm going to miss your blogs so much! at least I can be comforted in knowing that I'm gonna have a plethora of entries to read when I get back. maybe nicole and I will find an internet cafe thingie at ocean city. I'm just grateful that my work isn't sending me on vacation with a laptop again this year, though that would be quite handy in giving real-time updates regarding sand in crack and amount of ocean swallowed by bella.

I hope you all have a great week and an excellent labor day weekend.

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lonna said...

Have a great trip! I was listening to Franz Ferdinand a lot too for a while because I forgot to take it home from my office. Right now the Smoking Popes and Hot Hot Heat are the CDs that have been in the car for a long time. And the Sesame Street album for Dermot. He he.

beanspot said...

KYW is the first thing I turn on when I get in the rental car at the Philly airport. I've even tried to teach Lonna the song "KYW, news radio, ten sixty". Do they still sing that?
It is THE place to get the news and make sure you're not going to be stuck in traffic for hours.

Katy said...

You can't see it but this is my jealous face.

Jen said...

Oooohhh have fun, and I will try to have some good posts for you to "catch up on" when you get back.