odds n ends - picture edition

I tend to store up lots of pictures in my camera and then download them all at once. hence.

from three separate swimming instances:

one - sean, his ipod-toting dad, and bella
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two - bella and noah and the aftermath
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

three - hatfield community pool, I have to tell you about that
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and here's a picture for theresa as a thank you for the pretty dress.
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more later...

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Missuz J said...

Sweet, sweeter, and sweetest. That Bella is a precious angel.

lonna said...

Is there anything better than a gorgeous baby sleeping? I wish that we had taken more pictures of Dermot sleeping when he was little enough to not be bothered by it. We have one on our website that is just so precious to me. Bella looks so content.

Jaws said...

Awww love the one of the 2 of them in the pool. I hope they become as good friends as you all are and they can laugh at these pictures later.

Marksthespot said...

When did Seansylvania shave his head?

NME said...

Bella is a temptress. She wants you to think that the sleeve on her shirt is just falling down but it's carefully placed. She's an engenue.

mushsis said...

oooowwwwweeeee! these are just gorgeous. thanks for the comment on my blog too :)

seansylvania said...

The head-shaving is part of a yearly summer ritual that happens once or twice. The ritual consists of me getting too hot and sick of my hair, and then shaving it off with great satisfaction. I've done it every year for the past 10 years except for last year (trying to impress corporate hogs at the new job...I obviously don't care anymore).

seansylvania said...
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