angel bella

I have had a trying couple of days and I'm exceedingly annoyed at the moment. so here is a picture of bella in lieu of a post. tomorrow is another day.

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KATIEmagic said...

Wow, that is a beautiful shot of the both of you.

NME said...

Great picture.

lonna said...

Sorry it's been rough.

I hate to be unoriginal, but it is a great picture of the two of you

Jaws said...

The first people I turn to for a pick me up is my kids. Their outlook on everything makes stuff seem so silly and fun even if for just alittle while.

Great pick.. like everyone else said.

TD said...

Hope things are less craptastic today.

Up until now, I've thought Bella looked exactly like Sean, but in that picture, you can see she's got plenty of Petrushka in her, too. Hello, Precious Moments.

TD said...

P.S. You're both lovely.