what's in a name? really?

so much name stuff going on today. first I read this at the boospot, and then I got in trouble TWICE today because I actually use 2 different names at work. I never changed my maiden name to my married name because, well, I just don't want to. but in a brilliant stroke of, um, brilliance, I decided to put my married name on my job application and now that is how I'm known here, except on my pay stubs, which had to match my soc sec card. so HR is all confused, and it happened that today, 2 different people needed clarification on my name in order to do whatever it is they were doing.

and then I tried to use our supercopier. one with all kinds of touch screens and staplers and binders and stuff. I was trying to make a copy of trent's insurance card for his maniacal soccer league -the one that requires us to pay them alot of money and jump through alot of hoops so that we are graced with the opportunity to allow our son to play. they want a NOTORIZED copy of his insurance card, front and back on one 8.5x11 piece of paper - both sides of the card on one side of the paper. so I went to go do that on the copier.

I'm usually pretty good with electronical gadgetry, but this copier seriously is like a nasa control panel. I tried 23 times to get the thing to do what I wanted it to. and it was 23 times, exactly. know how I know? because once I finally did it the old-fashioned way (made a copy of the front, made a copy of the back, folded each, put the copies on the copier, and copied the copies onto one page) and figured out that I had actually scanned in the image of the card and hit "start" a couple of dozen times, and when I finally set it to copy instead, out popped 23 copies of the card. and the scanned copy is still in there. luckily, they'll never know it was me, because trent has yet another last name.

oh wait, my name is on the card, too.

oh well.

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NME said...

Is Trent's soccer team going to scan his retinas? Did you need a retinal scan for the copier?

Have you scanned your retinas lately? Retina, retina, retina. That's fun to say.

jon said...

speaking of which, you know the prescription acne cream Retin-A? It's acid. And they named it Retin-A. I came THIS CLOSE* to putting acid cream on my retinas before realizing I should probably put it on my acne.

This was a while ago. The zits aren't so bad anymore. BUT STILL.

* this close -----> []

jon said...

p.s. I think that was my first comment where i didn't hotlink anything. sorry!

Kelly said...

Oh, I do hate copiers. Particularly the one we have at the center that my infants are better at using than I am.