the skinny on the fat

okay. so. all that posting about blah blah losing weight. when sean and I talked about it, he said "are you sure you want to be putting your weight on your blog?" and I said "yes." so. I weighed myself this morning.

normal weight for someone of my height with an "average" frame = 121 to 135. I am 140. my lowest weight was right before nicole's wedding and that was 117. my goal weight on ww was 120, I think. or 125. not that it matters much, though, because my 2 indicators are how my clothes fit, and whether or not I have a double chin.

I will make sure sean weighs himself and posts as well. and I won't obsess about it - I'll just keep you all apprised as to our progress. and thank you, interweb, for listening.

in other news, we are "babysitting" my niece chelsea. chelsea is having a bit of a bad streak when it comes to, oh, everything. my sister denise is actually moving out of her house in a small town in upper bucks county to a house more in the middle of nowhere specifically to ensure that chelsea can no longer sneak out of the house and spend the night at her boyfriends' house. no, that's not a misplaced apostrophe. boyfriends is plural. drinking, smoking, stealing, staying out all night, skipping school...

so yeah. SHE'S FOURTEEN. and is now staying at our house. and I get to watch her alllllllll weekend.

it will be interesting to see if I can manage to stay on my little diet for the entire time, or if I will resort to ice cream to numb the pain.

and, as a coworker pointed out to me, I have pms. didn't I just fucking have that??

I'm waiting for the sweet release of death. or the weekend. whichever comes first.

6 validations:

NME said...

140! You skinny little thing you.

I'm sure when Bella is 14 she will be an angel. And Noah too. In fact though most humans are awful at the age of 14 regardless of the specifics, Bella and Noah will remain beacons of sweetness and light.

Missuz J said...
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Missuz J said...

I deleted my comment because it sounded catty and I didn't meen it to be. Luck with your weight loss, although it doesn't sound like you need it.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh man, I was a holy terror when I was 14. It's such a hard age. Funny, although I spent almost the entire two years from 14 to 16 grounded, my dad now tells everyone what a good kid I was. Go figure. And GOOD LUCK!!!

Jaws said...

14.. and sneaking out already? If I wasn't worried about fires I would put bars on my windows.

Kodi said...

Holy crap. My daughter is 13. Now I'm really scared. Maybe I should nail some bells to her window so I can hear it if it opens in the middle of the night.