and so it begins

my fellow blogscapeitarians, the time has come. the pants have spoken; the mirror doth not lie; the lens of the camera is as wide as it is wise. yes, it is time...TO DIET.

because I don't like the food nazi I became when I was last on WW, I have decided not to go that route again. I've done alot of thinking on the subject, and this is what I've come up with.

here's the thing about weight watchers, and this is no slight to the people who have or still are losing alot of weight via that program (or any other.) in the end, it's a business. businesses are interested in one thing - making money. the goal of many a marketer is to encourage repeat business, and in the diet industry, that means making people dependent on your product so that as they get thinner and feel the need to diet less, they still look to you to maintain their weight loss, and that they equate your product and service with their success. I do feel like WW is infinitely better than, say, jenny craig or LA weight loss in that they don't require you to buy special foods. but still, the idea exists that you can't do it alone, that you need the meetings and the points counters and the motivation of being in a group. and alot of that is totally true. in fact, all of it is. however, I feel like I don't need to get those things for $12/week from WW when I have a group of peers that would gladly keep me motivated, I have eyes and can read the nutrition facts, and I'm NOT alone in it if I choose to share it with others. (there is the fact that spending money on weight loss is a tremendous incentive to do well, but that doesn't fit in with my argument here, so I am just going to not mention it. forget you read that fact.)

that, of course, is my personal opinion and since millions of people use WW (including some of my dearest friends, and ME - I am a lifetime member) it has to be good. but I have decided that I am going to try what I feel like is the common sense way. I am not going to count points - I am going to make smart decisions about food. I am not going to eat more than one portion of the foods I do decide to eat. I am going to weigh myself regularly and post the results here. I am going to help sean do the same, as he helps me to make better choices. I am not going to deny myself foods I enjoy eating, but I am going to make better choices about how many times I am going to eat cheeseburgers as opposed to veggie burgers. and I am going to exercise, and this is where I really deviate from WW - I am not going to allow myself "extra food" as long as I exercise, I'm just going to do it and eat normally. food (or extra points, as WW does) is not going to be my reward for jogging. (ha! gotcha! like I'd ever jog.)

WW did teach me alot about nutrition. and I am grateful. and now I'm going to use that knowledge and apply it in a way that fits my exact lifestyle and eating habits. and hopefully I will lose weight. I'll let you know.

and I will totally eat crow (which is high in fat, I'm told) if it doesn't work and I haul my fat ass back to the local WW center. sean and I are giving ourselves 3 months to do it on our own. wish us luck.

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TD said...

Good luck!

Sounds like a smart approach. And if you find that you do need to spend some money as an incentive to do well, I'll gladly provide motivation for $12/week. Just say the word (I accept cash, money order, and PayPal).

lonna said...

Good luck. If you figure out how to exercise with a baby around let me know. I do a lot of chasing know that Dermot is walking/running, but I don't think that it's sustained enough to help at all.

M.Thom said...

I don't actually belong to Weight Watchers. My mom used to go, and so we have the goods (books and Points counter), and my grandmother belongs, so she sends us any new stuff they put out). However, I faithfully write down my Points in a little journal I got at B&N. And I don't give myself extra Points for exercising either. Anyway, I have never been to a meeting, but I do like the Points structure...I tried just eating sensibly, but I wasn't able to do it on my own.

Good luck!

KATIEmagic said...

Good Luck! I have only been what one would call thin one year of my adult life. And I got pregnant at the largest I have been in a while. So it wasn't the ideal time to be putting on more weight. I'm terrified of gaining too much and having 80 pounds to lose after the baby. Of course as soon as we found out about the baby my husband upped his excercise from mountain biking 8 miles 4-5 days a week to 20 freakin miles. So he's actually lost weight, the bastard. I'm going to have really work hard to keep up with him. Anyway, I feel your pain!

NME said...

I wish you luck! Eating healthy, trying to make better choices and exercising are the logical and smart way to do it. Of course most people need a concrete plan in order to stick to it and motivate them. But you and Sean can be each others motivation - and that is a huge help.

I'd like to lose some more weight before we go to the beach.

Jaws said...

I have done W and Jenny Craig in the past 10 years. Jenny is evil.. just evil I tell you. Maybe I just went to bad office.

WW worked for me and I was able to lose what I needed to lose but like you said.. you learn from it and now you knwo just need to apply. Which is no easy JUST thing to do. I am cheering for you though!! WOuldn't it be nice if we could lose weight counting other peoples jumping jacks?

Jen O. said...

I think your plan sounds like a plan. The one thing I would take with you from the WW routine is journaling -- making a habit of writing everything down. I find that it keeps me honest.

I, too, have grown tired of paying the WW fees, particularly since I only go to weigh-in and never stay for the meetings. So I stopped going about two weeks ago. I am still an online member, though. It's much cheaper and I like the tools.

GOOD LUCK!! Let us know how you progress.

A Man without a Band said...

I had to check out your blog. I see your face amidst all my friends.

Anyway, sounds like you're developing a helluva' mantra, there. Maybe repeat all those "I will's" each morning. Good luck.

And yes, there is an inherent reassurance/suspicion about having groups around to help with things we supposedly can't do ourselves (WW...AA...NA...hey, great job quiting narcotics. now how about those cigarettes.)

Even these blogs are like support groups, and I feel like I've said a little too much for our first introduction.

Hi, my name is pablo...

Rebecca said...

I've done WW and LA Weight Loss. Both worked for a while. The most success I've had though is just doing it on my own and making better choices. Oh yea, and exercising (but I don't have kids).

You've got people supporting you and rooting for you here. But having Sean do it with you will be a big help. Just don't get frustrated if he loses more than you or at a quicker rate. Men do that.

Also, I've heard (but not tried) that if you use a dessert plate instead of a dinner plate for meals you'll eat less because even if you go back for seconds, it's like you're not since the plate is smaller.

Good luck!