Vegas Dilemma Resolved

Hey! Sean here. I just wanted to let everyone know that we have reached a solution to the problem we were having with figuring out Las Vegas. However, I won't go into detail because I'll leave that to Patrice. I know that this is an issue that has been nagging away at her, so to put it to bed by venting about it and giving you all of the details will be like a huge weight off of her shoulders. I don't want to give anything away, and I do want to create suspense for the sake of a dramatic climax...okay, it's not dramatic at all, but let's just say that everybody wins somehow. Although, Patrice still has to leave Bella for 5 days, and I'll miss visiting Vegas, and we'll be penalized $100 for me backing out of my flight, but at least we'll have a credit to use toward another flight at a later date, and Kathy and Pat will still get to watch Bella while I work on Sunday and Monday (originally scheduled off due to now cancelled departure). So, that means that I'll have 8 more hours of personal time that I'll get to use later on this year that I didn't plan on having. Maybe a family outing to Hershey Park will be the proper occassion to use these hours. Along with the forthcoming Hershey Park trip, I can say that I had my fun in Worcester, and I still have Atlanta and Ocean City to look forward to, so I'm not disappointed about missing this Vegas trip. I'll get to go another time. I get more satisfaction out of giving Patrice peace of mind knowing that Bella will be with me for 3 out of the 5 days, and there's no way I can't look forward to that! C'mon, you've seen her, and many of you have met her. What's there not to look forward to? Besides, I have a flexible choice in not going. Patrice's choice is not as flexible. If she backed out, then that wouldn't look too good from a professional standpoint, so this was the logical decision.
I feel pretty fortunate that we have this issue to deliberate over while some people have the misfortune of deliberating over where they will sleep tonight or where their next meal will come from...wait a second! I just realized that I gave the whole solution away before Patrice had a chance to vent about it by telling you. Oops! Oh well. Maybe Patrice can add in extras that I missed or use her time to post about something else like her weekend. Now THAT'S a story! Wait until you hear about our visit to my carefree, retired, iPod-toting dad.

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Jaws said...

LOL I am glad its gonna work out for you all! When it comes to kids there is no peace if the Mom does not have peace of mind!

Glad she gets to go and glad Grandpop and grandmom get time with bella too!

Missuz J said...

And they all lived happily ever after.

jon said...

hi patrice and sean,
i’ve grown too lazy to update my blog or start a new one that isn’t about Dave Mustaine, so i was wondering if i could just keep a blog in the comments section of your blog. i could write pretty much every day about how awesome you are. and by you, i mean me. would this be ok? please blink once for “yes” or twice for “no.”

patrice said...

hi jon

yeah, so yeah, sean's not going. WAY TO GO, SEAN, steal my thunder. just kiddin, I'm going to have more fun talking about krazy, krazy family.

NME said...

What a wonderful display of compromise in action.

Now I hope Patrice is able to enjoy Vegas, networking and her birthday - with some peace of mind.

jon said...

Today's Monday June 6th, and I'd just like to get started by saying how awesome you guys are. Patrice, even when you’re sick and grumpy and filled with Easy-Off enema stuff, you still manage to pump out a funny/enlightening/disgusting post. That’s right, pump out. And Sean, sometimes your one-paragraph style is a little daunting but it’s yours and I love you for it and i at least try to read the exposition, climax and denouement. I wish you guys lived closer or had teleportation capabilities or maybe hologram technology like in Star Wars when the emperor appeared as a hologram to all those stormtroopers and was like “Commander Cody, execute order 69!” and they went all berzerker and started throwing puppies against walls and stuff.

Now on to the meat of this post: how awesome I am. I had this awesome idea last night to build an open-air Alexander Calder museum. He’s the guy with all the mobiles. So there could be some cool indoor space for when it rains, but there’d be a huuuuge soaring courtyard with some graceful beams overhead and a bunch of mobiles hanging right there from said beams. And a whole mess of chaise lounges on a nice grassy lawn so you could just lie back and watch the mobiles waltz and spin against the drowsy blue sky.

I heard they were going to build his museum underground and that’s just stupid. Philadelphia needs more interesting architecture like this place, and this.

NME said...

Jon - we already have THIS!

jon said...

A giant clothespin without a giant pair of underpants, a giant nose, or a giant roach to hold? We're going to have to try harder.