stuff to take to vegas, a list

okay, okay, multiple posts. I was (and am) desperately trying to put off doing something at work that I should have done weeks ago, so this is actually helping.

stuff to take:

  • underwear/bras
  • $60 knickers (as opposed to underwear) (however I am wearing them today, so do I wash them or just bring them?) (the tag says that they get softer and lighter with each wash so I guess I'll wash them again.) (but with what?? I just did all my laundry last night.) (with bella's clothes - she needs her wash done.) (but they might bleed onto her cute clothes.) (how bout with some towels?) (our towels smell like ass, I was planning to actually buy new towels.) (I know, I'll wash them with some of sean's stuff. he won't care!)
  • enough clothes for 5 days plus extra in case I leak/spill something/am so sweaty that they stink
  • something relatively nice looking - maybe that black skirt (of course I wore that yesterday) (but I didn't roll it up in a ball and put it in the hamper) (I think I hung it up - but I'll have to iron it when I get there because it'll get wrinkled in the suitcase)
  • hair stuff
  • makeup
  • nursing pads
  • pad pads (you never know)
  • notebook
  • digital camera
  • ipod that I bought sean for father's day that he now knows about thanks to apple putting their fucking return address on their package but it's good because now he's letting me take it with
  • cdnow messenger bag - for toting pump and notebook and also because of the cred
  • Pumpy the Pumping Pump
  • advil
  • shirts with company logo that don't match anything
  • paperwork for the cirque show we're going to see
  • hotel paperwork
  • shoes of all kinds
  • protopic (as bubbles have appeared on feet as a result of stress and not enough water)
  • nail file
  • book
  • purse
  • cell phone
  • hat
  • toothbrush
  • deodorant
  • travel stuff - toothpaste, face wash, whatever else I decided was necessary last time I went to the target travel size aisle
  • RAZOR - I always forget this and have stubbly legs
  • self tanner, though it's making me orange (for legs only)
  • sunscreen
  • pictures of bella and trent and sean
  • tissues
  • sunglasses for airport (puffiness concealment)
  • immodium for impending IBS episodes
  • an already-worn onesie of bella's so I can smell her

this is going to be so hard. I can't think about it now. anyway, did I forget anything?

5 validations:

NME said...

A lucky charm?

You will be able to sleep ALL night. In the dark. With no interuptions. YUM.

M.Thom said...

Ummm...cell phone? And charger? And iPod charger? And any other charger you need?

patrice said...

charger! totally.

Baby Sea Tuna said...

The hell's a "knicker"?

patrice said...

short pants. you know. knickers.