sad but true

later today, I swear I'm going to write about bella. because she hasn't shown her pretty face here lately and she's been doing cute things lately that haven't been properly shared.

first, though, in the course of my daily blog reads, I came across this story. which I think needs to be shared. so in case you haven't read it already, read it now.

the thing is, we're all somewhat cautious about what we write, whether it's because our parents or friends are reading it, or because it contains info about our work. but your parents and friends aren't going to ruin your life over it. or maybe they would, but hey, if your parents and friends are that psycho, I think you're better off without them. and I guess the same could be said about your employer. but while you can go on living without friends and parents, unless you or your spouse are totally prepared for this or have lots of jobs lined up just in case, you can't really live without a paycheck. and you shouldn't have to, not because of what you choose to say in a non-work setting.

the problem is that we all are sitting back and taking it. making it acceptable. because we have no idea what the alternative is or don't know how to utilize it.

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