all hail the gerber puff

bella: she's cute. she's little. she's winning the hearts of all kinds of creatures.

there were two times in the past weekend where phone calls had to be made to sean to let him know about the cuteness that was unfolding before me. oddly enough, both have to do with gerber puffs, which are the greatest things that have ever been produced for babies.

one call was made after bella fed me some puffs. she gets them in her little chubby fist and crams them first into my nose, then into my chin, and then into my mouth. (actually, she has pretty good aim. for a baby.) a few of the puffs were a tad soggy and one had a dog hair on it since she had picked it up off the carpet, but hey. she fed me puffs.

the other call was made from the grocery store. bella knows the container that the puffs are in (much like maggie, our dog, knows the bag that her beggin strips are in) and gets totally excited, knowing puffs are going to be procured and she will be able to eat them. so she's in the floppy in the grocery cart and I get a new container of puffs, and hand them to her. she's kicking and flailing, and then she got all quiet and calm and tried to get one of the puffs off the label. a-dorable.

yesterday, we watched trent's first travel baseball game - which, by the way, he played HALF AN INNING and I am so pissed I can't even talk about it - and we brought the puffs for bella. she wasn't hungry so she didn't eat many of them, but she LOVED just sticking her hand in the container and moving her fingers around in all the puffs. she was looking off in the direction of the game, or looking at the doggie that was there, or whatever - not at the container - and just had her hand in there all wiggling around in the puffs.

perhaps I will fill her baby pool with puffs and she will just evaporate with glee. but I like her so I do not want her to evaporate.

I will be posting pictures hopefully tomorrow - not of puffs, just of babies and other interesting things. including one from vegas that you guys will love.

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Jaws said...

LOL Ah now I remmeber what I didn't have ling hair when my kids where young. Food.. oatmeal.. cereal.. spaghetti... I look forward to seeing new pics!

Poor Trent. I hope next game he gets more play time. Stupid coaches.

lonna said...

Dermot loved those gerber puffs. We took them everywhere just in case.

We just filled Dermot's baby pool with shredded paper. He didn't seem all that interested after the first 10 minutes. Maybe Gerber puffs would have helped.

Missuz J said...

I want Bella to try and feed ME Gerber puffs. Sophie is totally pissing me off today, and I'm thinking perhaps we could negotiate a trade. All she tries to feed me is a line of shit about why she won't take her nap! Also, Trent's coach is an official dumb fuck, and his parents probably don't love him.

KATIEmagic said...

Yay! baby pics! I'll have to remember thos gerber puffs. Sounds like magic!

NME said...

The puffs are magical. But not a millionth as magical as Miss Bella. It is SO cute that she tried to feed you. Maybe she can feed Noah since he only eats things when they are fed to him.

Damn them for underutilizing Trent. What morons.