hold on for one more day

just like the wilson phillips ladies say.

ohhhh dear sweet jesus. yesterday nicole asked me if my period was really bad and horrible and having only had it for about 18 hours, I said "no, it's pretty normal."

I have to get it out of my head that saying something doesn't immediately mean that the opposite will happen. but it's times like this that the idea gets reinforced.

not for the squeamish:

clots, the size of quarters and half dollars. pain. near-flooding. pain. MOOD SWINGS. sadness. headaches. pain. clots. fatigue. pain.

the hormones that are telling me that I can become a mommy again are wrestling with the hormones that are busy making milk, and I guess I'm the one who comes out the loser.

3 validations:

Kelly said...

Okay, I just read and commented on Strangeafeet how much her recent post made me want to have a baby.

Thanks for getting rid of that feeling for me. And James thanks you too.

lonna said...

That's what I was subtly trying to prepare you for. I actually worked at home for two days each time because I was having trouble "containing" it. I was completely unprepared for it to be about ten times worse than my worst one pre-Dermot. My first one post-Dermot also lasted longer. Just a heads up.

NME said...

How is it fair that after going through the experience of birth and the nourishment of a child you have to deal with this? It's not. And I'm so sorry you have to go through it.