death metal baby

I am exhausted just by reading sean's itinerary of the new england metal and hard core festival. or is it hard core and metal festival? perhaps it is the loud fast screamy music festival.

my favorite thing about the fest is the band names, and the band names I can make from them. "'3 Inches of Most Precious Blood Has Been Shed' just did a 'As I Lay Dying A Life Once Lost' cover!" my most favorite thing used to be finding the most insane t shirt at the fest - but that was back when I used to go to sean's shows. I wouldn't say I "got out of it" when I became pregnant, but I guess I'd go so far as to say that I don't exactly miss going to them. I guess to me, it's sort of like regular mashed potatoes. if they are in front of me, I'll eat them and enjoy them. if I never had them again, though, I wouldn't be wondering what the hell happened to the regular mashed potatoes. (roasted garlic and butter mashed potatoes are a different story.)

anyways, poor sean, now his days are filled with Most Precious Milk, Between the Diapered and Me, 3 Inches of Baby Food, Howling Babe, Misfit Onesies, Pooping Through, and Screaming Dissonance. That's what we call babycore.

yesterday, we went to janette's second baby shower, this one thrown by her family. it was low key, comfortable, and fun. but it wouldn't be a janette shower without my own soda being spilled on my black pants, and this one didn't disappoint. this time it was courtesy of janette's niece doing some kind of flailing, I don't know. it was probably my fault.

my personal highlight was when janette opened a gift containing a box of nursing pads that had me announcing to the room, "I'm already packing, thanks" with a nice gesture to my bazongas for show. I am so sophisticated.

last night was pretty tossy and turny - first off, bella's napping was all askew, sean wasn't feeling well and went to bed early, trent wasn't tired at all courtesy of waaaay too much sugar, and zyrtek gives me crazy, crazy dreams.

one of which featured me putting bella down on a bench at the train station to go pick up something about a foot away, and realizing that I accidentally stepped onto the train that was now pulling away from the station. leaving bella behind. it was scary. and it was one of those dreams that continues even after you wake up from it and go back to sleep. when I returned to the dream, I found bella - only she was a boy, she was about 5 years old, and she was showing me how she's all better now even though she has scars from where her captors sewed her eyes shut so she wouldn't learn how to read. yeah. love the zyrtek.

when I finally awoke for real during the night, I noticed the bathroom light was on. thinking that trent left it on when he went to the bathroom and forgot to turn it off, I went in only to find him sitting on the closed toilet, reading. it was about 3 am. he was in there because there was a thousand legger that was on the wall near his bed (he sleeps in this ikea loft bed) and he didn't want to go back in. understandable, but that doesn't mean you just don't sleep! so we got the sleeping bag out (which was still not put away anyway from our friday night slumber party, where we spread that out on the floor of the living room, added tons of pillows, and laid on the floor together as a family to watch finding neverland - which inspired trent to start writing a play. [doesn't that sound nice? the play was about dragonball Z, and he started writing it during the movie because the movie was sort of boring for him. not as nice now, huh.])

so trent slept in our room last night, which always makes for a crazy morning. I am thinking about going home right...about....now.

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Kelly said...

I had to read Sean's post in episodes. My brain couldn't take more than about 10 lines at a time. Love the babycore band names. You should make t-shirts!

patrice said...

HA!!!! I can't wait to tell sean that. it is tough to take in all at once. you would never know he's a teddybear of a guy who cries at mushy commercials.

Kelly said...

You wouldn't know from reading that post, but the picture from a few days ago totally gives it away.

Missuz J said...

When I first started reading Sean's post, I was like, "Huh? This doesn't sound like Patrice at all!" It took me a good 5000 words or so to scroll down and figure it out. I hope you have better dreams tonight. I HATE loosing the baby dreams.

M.Thom said...

I also had problems with Sean's post. I will admit that I merely skimmed it.

NME said...

Damn Sean that was MUCHO information and I imagine even more rocking. Happy you had a good time. And even happier that you are home.

NME said...

Oh and I love the idea of Trent writing a play. If he works on it for two years he can get Noah and Bella to perform it - but only if he keeps the dialogue very very simple.

Jen O. said...

I SO wish I hadn't clicked on that thousand-legger link. I take Zyrtec everyday. Commence nightmare-ing.