a halls moment

to update you on the sleeping arrangement - still not good. it's seriously about 10 degrees warmer in our bedroom than in the hallway...and our window is wide open and there are no windows in the hallway. we're not used to having a neighbor on the other side of our house (it was vacant up until like october of last year) and while it was fantastic in the winter - witness our $7 gas bill every month - it is going to be hellish in the summer, I gather. so we have already opened the windows wide, plugged in the fan, and have bella sleeping in her onesie. and she's still hot. probably because she's sleeping between me and The Heater, monsignor milligan himself. (yes. she sleeps in our bed. bad, bad, bad. yes, she'll be 28 years old and still sleeping with us, we know, we know.)

so anyway. bella's new thing, it's so funny. coughing. now, when babies learn something new, they do it over and over again. it's mostly because they don't have alot of material to work with. it's either scream, ba-ba-ba, or whatever is new. in this case, coughing. the most fake, artificial cough you ever heard. and it doesn't help that she does it while smiling. I tell her all the time, "bells, you are fooling NOONE. you are a total faker." which makes her giggle and cough some more.

I hope I remember these days when she's older.

3 validations:

Jen O. said...

My co-worker's three year old sings. Constantly. In the Target, on the toilet, at the daycare, in the car --- EVERYWHERE. She has no shame, no ego. I can see this being true of Bella too, before you know it.

NME said...

Why don't these infants treasure their sleep? I'm exhausted and I normally take a nap every day. I seriously have no idea how you are doing it. Is it the speed?

Wait til she uses that fake cough to try to stay home for a sick day!

TD said...

Fake cough, eh? Maybe she's heard about Robotripping.

"Bells" is the cutest nickname ever.