Cause I'm the Tax Man...

got our taxes done last night. panic ensued. last year, I was a 1099 contractor for the entire year, and while sean, the wonderful person that he is, kept enough money aside to pay our taxes, I just was not prepared for the amount of money they said we owed. so much so that on the way home, instead of driving to our house, I drove to our old apartment.

I thought that would be the highlight of the evening, but bella stole the show. she (and I) had been pretty tired due to both poorly sleeping and the daylight savings time change, but last night was not a night of peaceful rest. at about 2:30am, she woke up and vomited. I don't mean spit up...I mean heaving, forceful, reverse peristalsis. with dry heaves. she was clammy, pale, and wide eyed. and I was frantic, freaked out, and wide eyed. we think it was because she was too hot and drank too much...but who knows. [drank too much MILK, people.]

we called the pediatrician this morning who said that it could be nothing or it could be any one of about 60 things...but if she only did it once, there's not much to either do or worry about. and they said she'd have to take it easy today.

so no jogging or aerobics for bella today, and no running errands to the store, I guess. and we'll have to excuse her from doing her chores, even though the house is mighty dusty. the doc says take it easy, so today bella has to live the leisurely life.

I hope I get some sleep tonight.

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TD said...

Poor Bella! Poor you! I hope you both get some rest tonight.

FYI, dairy products often make me nauseous... have you considered switching her to whiskey? Just a thought.