update on trent's math situation: no dice. she was very nice, but firm. (unlike my boobs.) the best we can hope for is that trent's math teacher next year sees his potential and refers him to the new class. so what did I do? I turned brett loose on her. one of two things will happen: she'll be like "holy shit, I'm not dealing with this maniac" and give us her supervisor's name, or we'll be banished from middle school altogether. stay tuned.

apparently, just READING about noah's night sleeping tribulations in nicole's emails has made bella decide that it's a good idea to follow suit. so last night was a blur of whimpering, popped out binkies (one time, sean helpfully pointed out that I had actually put hers in upside down, which is possible to do because we use the NUK kind), and kicking. lots of kicking. what didn't help is that the dog was sprawled on my side of the bed, the cat had decided to join in because it was cold and she couldn't find the mouse that is lodging in the downstairs radiator, and sean had eaten the most garlicky white pizza I have ever encountered. I love sean so much, but he doesn't always smell good on a NORMAL day. he smelled like he had stuck a clove of garlic in his cheek 3 weeks ago and finally decided to start exhaling. so there I am trying to maneuver myself between the cat and dog, have one hand on the binky, watch that we don't smother bella, and try to roll away from the garlic breath and the kicky baby.

anyways. so I'm tired today. it's about 4 degrees outside and my body aches from having to walk a quarter mile from my parking space to the front door all clenched up against the cold.

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NME said...

I'm so sorry Noah sent Bella his sleepless vibes. But we can't take responsibility for Sean's pizza - though I do wish I had a slice.
A night like that seems to last forever. It must be so tough to be at work - no naps! I send you solidarity, my sister.