goddamn, everyone's blogging! it's exciting, though, to read everyone's trials and tribulations. when electronic advances make us more disconnected and less personal, blogs seem to bring some personal connection back to the Interweb. so yeah. blogs. check out theresa's blog about getting ready to run a goddamn marathon. file that under INSANE. and then jen's a Get In Shape, Girl! too.

okay. anyway. so bella's starting on foods, right? only she hates them, right? right. so as a mother, it is my duty to make her realize that she likes food. get her to try different foods. and get her to eat them. and later in her life, she'll want to learn to diet. and then she'll have to learn to eat healthy. then she'll find out about hot pockets and start bingeing. and then she'll diet again. so I'm really starting her off on her first rollercoaster ride. a rite of passage as a female. here you go, honey, welcome to the hell that is socially-imposed weight issues.

I'm also wrestling trent's middle school math coordinator, who is trying to tell me that even though trent is a math genius, that because ONE TEST he took was 2 points below the minimum, he cannot go into the highest level of math classes in 7th grade. which means he can't in 8th grade because he didn't in 7th. which means he can't in 9th because he didn't in 8th. which means...blah blah blah. so yeah. it's important. meanwhile, I've been warned that this woman has been doing this for 20 years and doesn't let anyone through, no matter how much you bitch. makes me feel good that she looks at students as individuals with different needs.

(When nicole and I email each other and need to convey sarcasm, we italicize.)

AND I think I'm getting sick. AND work sucks. AND it's snowing today when it was fucking 68 degrees out yesterday. AND it's only tuesday.

so. piss off. in a good way.

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NME said...

Bella will come around soon enough. And then she'll be wanting ice cream. And then full flavored yet fat free ice cream. Oh the injustice of it all.

This math coordinator is a serious bitch. Who the hell does she think she is? GOD! You might have to go around her and talk to the higher ups.