so we're having family over tonight to celebrate trent's 12th birthday. which was on feb 23. which officially makes me a horrible person. poor trent - having to bow to the whim of his mommy for his birthday cake. to be fair, we did take him out to dinner (red lobster - obviously his choice) and had a cake there. and we were kind of waiting for my mother, who works 3rd shift at a nursing home, to have a night off so she could join us. but the reason why we didn't have it sooner in the week is because...and here's where it gets awful...there were too many good tv shows on. and here's where it gets even worse....we have comcast DVR so we totally could have recorded said shows. but we didn't feel like it.

trent, if you ever wind up reading this or meet someone who has read this, please know that I love you so much and here's $50, go buy yourself a new ps2 game or some therapy.

I'm so glad I have a new little baby to screw up. she already watches tv like a crotchety old lady. american idol is her favorite. lock me up now, please, AAP.

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NME said...

If by screw her up you mean that you will raise her to be a smart, thoughtful and adorable child just like Trent - then you can help screw up my kid anytime!