big day yesterday. doctor visit. the one that I thought we were going to get our ultrasound appointment at. and we did. the ultrasound is scheduled for...wait for it.......june 16. june 16! jesis kriest! what is wrong with these people???? they've strung me along for 2 months now! at least I actually have an appointment now, though. and the nurse last month had said they only do them on saturdays, but thankfully, they do them at night during the week too, since sean works saturdays. so it's a wednesday. and trent will be coming, and it happens to be his last day of school, too. so he will be pretty excited. I hope.

otherwise, I had no sugar in my urine, my belly looks good, I have gained a total of 11 lbs so far, which is good, and the heartbeat sounds normal. I thought it was alot slower than last time, but the doctor says it's okay. 145 beats per min. sounded like alot less than that, but that's what his little dohickey said.

then I had to go immediately to get the blood tests done for all the birth defects, because it has to be done before 18 weeks and I am like 2 days away from 18 weeks. of course they could have done it LAST month but they never gave me paperwork, so they asked if I could go immediately after my appointment. so I did, and I was lucky, I went right before a big rush of people. of course, I warned the lady that I tend to faint - not at the needle or the pain, but at the sight of my own blood. I am not sure exactly when that started happening. oh, I guess I do. when trent was very young (9 mos) and he had to have his first surgery on his clubbed feet - the one to lenghthen his achilles tendon - they had to draw blood from him for tests. I was fine with blood before that but I fainted dead away at the sight of my child's blood being drawn from his little body. then, little by little, that got transferred to my own blood. not so much when he or I get cut, but more when they draw it out of us. makes giving blood a little difficult.

anyways, I did well. I did get a little woozy at the end. I had told the lady that I faint at the sight of my own blood, and she was really good about distracting me and stuff. until the end, when she said she couldn't read the name on my lab sheet, and asked me to spell it so she could write it down...ON THE VIAL OF MY BLOOD. and she asked if it were spelled right and showed it to me. I quickly said yes and ran out and drove home and took a nap.

anyway, that was my momentous doctor visit. now, the countdown begins to june 16. not that we're finding out the sex - cause we're not - but just to see that it is in there and whether it has 3 arms or just one or a pointy head.

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