let the stretching begin. each day, I feel my stomach getting a little bigger, a little longer, and a little less jiggly. which is good in a way, I suppose. now I can start filling out some of my larger maternity shirts. get my money's worth.

people have been asking me if I feel the baby move yet. well, I'm not quite sure. it might be my imagination. but I think it is movement. it's something I can't think about too hard or I get wigged out. alot of people say "oh, there's a life inside you, it's so precious and special" and that's true if you think about it just on the surface. but think about that statement - there is a life inside you. something that is not you is alive and inside your body. if it weren't a baby - if it were, say, some sort of weird parasitic worm - you'd be pretty freaked out. so you have no control over this other being that is moving around inside you and living off of what you eat and produce inside your body. yes, it's a miracle and I can't believe this is how people actually reproduce, but it can also be pretty odd if you think about it. so, the answer is, don't think about it. until it MOVES.....

so anyways, I was at my friend's wedding shower over the weekend, and there were 4 people in the room with me that were also pregnant and several who are trying. I come to work, and there are at least 4 people I see often that are pregnant. I go out, and see tons of giant bellies. I don't know if the whole world decided to get pregnant all at once, like a post-war baby boom or what, or if it's just like when you buy a honda civic and start noticing honda civics wherever you go. like that's hard. alright, stick in the car of your choice then. pt cruisers, like mine. anyways. you get the point.

maybe it is an estrogen revolution. or rather a progesterone revolution. hcg revolution. whatever. all I'm saying is that WE'RE TAKING OVER, AND WE HAVE BEINGS LIVING INSIDE US.

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