well, I just got back from the doctor's for my monthly checkup. first things first, I almost forgot to bring some pee with me, but remembered at the last minute. it was about 3 ounces, but apparently it was enough to test. all is okay with the urine. first up was weight check. wanna know how much I gained? nothing. I was SHOCKED. my pants don't lie, and I have exactly 3 pair that I can still wear, 1 of which is getting iffy. and everyone who has seen me and found out about my being pregnant has said "oh, I thought you looked a little more 'filled out' but I didn't want to assume." so that's a big ole mystery.

so the doctor tried to hear the baby's heartbeat, but we couldn't hear it. we could hear my heartbeat from the artery that leads into the uterus, so that's good, and he told me that sometimes that heartbeat is so loud that it drowns out the baby's. we tried for a while and didn't hear anything. so I'm still freaked out about the molar pregnancy. but I'm going to try to control myself until next month, where we hear the heartbeat AND get an ultrasound.

all the tests that I had to take last month were normal. no positive RH, no cystic fibrosis, no aids, no anemia, nothing weird or odd. so I am pretty good right now.

I can't get over the weight thing. it boggles the mind.

to celebrate, I'm eating a huge bowl of elbows and gravy. and I'm going to have a reese's peanut butter egg when I'm done. things are beginning to look up.

they weren't so rosy last night, however, when my nausea finally got the best of me after a meal of my most favorite food - mcdonald's cheeseburgers. up they finally came. so I am probably off cheeseburgers for a good long while, now. which is probably for the best.

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