trent's high school orientation was yesterday. and we again had the grounding discussion. he was grounded most of the summer because he didn't get a job, and now he's cramming in all his summer homework in time for tuesday when school starts. it's tough to make sure that you're parenting the right way when they're older. it's fairly cut an dried when they're little, for the most part. you have a sense of what you want them to learn from you and what's acceptable and what's not. this is a giant gray area. frustrating for all of us.

bella is suddenly very into spelling. she spells everything she sees. (meaning, says the letters.) her hair is getting so long and I love it. I don't want to cut it. she's more allowing of pony tails, too, so that's helpful. she's also getting really into playing basketball outside. which I love. I got her a princess basketball so it is even more compelling for her.

I took an "empowering" step today to challenge my diagnosis with my psychologist. we're going to go to my psychiatrist on tuesday with a new recommendation. means new meds, which means weaning from old and dealing with new side effects, but if it ultimately makes me less uncomfortable in my own skin, then fantastic. bring it the fuck on.

happy labor day to all the moms out there. get it? heh.

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Missuz J said...

My Janzen has been morphing into a full fledged teenager these first 2 weeks he's been in high school. It's totally freaking me out.

I'd love to see a picture of Bella's long hair.


lonna said...

Good luck with Trent. I can't even imagine how hard things are going to be. You need to trust yourself that you know what's best for Trent. You're on the same track you always have been. It just seems trickier to find a way to get things done, especially when you also need to start letting things go. Good luck.

Dermot went through a spelling phase too. So cute to see them be so smart.