happy bellaween!

thanks, everyone, for the kind words.

today, baby bella is 2. she was the impetus for this blog in the first place - her, and the juxtaposition of her and trent.

today, she's dressed as eddie, minus the gloves and mask that came with the skeleton costume. so she's just running around in a nylon bodysuit screenprinted on the front with skeleton bones. she looks like a little kid angel with her curly blond hair and chubby cheeks, only dressed as a skeleton.

the one thing I can say with certainty is that I don't regret having put sean through everything I put him through because I can see that he LOVES being a dad. just loves it. I hope that he feels the same - and I'm fairly certain that he does. (not regret it because of bella, I mean.)

today, we're going trick or treating on the other side of the tracks (away from our neighborhood) where legend has it that the folks give out full sized candy bars. then we're going home to have tastykakes and sing happy birthday, for the 3rd time. (she's already had a birthday party on saturday with my family and sunday with sean's.)

when you ask bella how old she is today, she says "two!" and holds up 3 fingers proudly. she's a lil baby sweetness, that girl.

6 validations:

Jen said...

Aw, I wish you had pictures of her in her costume. I haven't seen pics of Bella in a while. Happy birthday to the little dear.

Kodi said...

Happy 2nd birthday Bella!!! Give her a smoochie for me, damnit. Wish I could see her. Thanks for the nice blog comment. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed, but as the mother of a teenager and a toddler, I think you probably understand.

Missuz J said...

Happy birthday sweet Bella!

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Happy day after your birthday Bella! I almost missed it.

Mommy we want picturs of the skeleton girl!

So what did Trent dress as?

lonna said...

Happy Day Bella (as Dermot would say it). Enjoy your Happy Day Cake! (another Dermotism)

thelyamhound said...

I LOVE tastycakes. I have to get some every time I'm in PA.

Sounds like fun all around. Here's hoping you got some of the full-size candy bars, and are enjoying them as I type.