it's me

oh my god, people. so much to discuss. so little time.

in a nutshell, and I will expand:

san jose is boring but san francisco is great.
I hate flying still.
flying last thursday? craziness. lines, delays, no gels or liquids...
we saw alcatraz and the winchester mystery house - both interesting
drove a convertible mustang on california highways and byways

but the real insanity started when I got home. late. to traffic. and a baby with a fever. took her to daycare and about 3 seconds away from my house, got into a minor accident. my fender is busted up. (I am fine...physically.) found out bella has hand, foot & mouth "disease". came home to a house that needed alot of attention.

and...now I am working on something fairly big at work...I will try really hard to get back here later and tell you all about the wonderous trip.

missed you all, my fake friends!

6 validations:

Katy said...

Holy Canoli! I thought about you when I saw all the airport insanity and hoped it wouldn't be too terrible. Sorry to hear about the minor accident and Bella's hand foot and mouth.

I've always wanted to go to the Winchester House.

Glad you're back safe.

Missuz J said...

Hand foot and mouth SUCKS! Soph has had it, it it was my least favorite.

Told ya San Jose was boring.

~A~ said...

Poor baby. (your accident and Bella)

I can't wait to hear about the trip and work and so on.


lonna said...

I can't believe that poor Bella is sick. We've been able to avoid it, but hand foot and mouth disease sounds so awful.

the beige one said...

wb, p!

Rebecca said...

You were flying last Thursday??? Oh my god, I pity you.