potstickers and falafel

I went out after work to see nicole and mark and lil baby no-no downtown.

sidenote: I am trying to put stuff on my ipod and I really really hate itunes. you can't put it on my ipod because I'm not allowed? I just put in a fucking CD! isn't that what you WANT me to do, only download shit that I OWN?? mother fucker!

anyways. it was great to see them all. noah was so animated and fun. he's so smart - so much retention. he started saying my name constantly - pateece - without being prompted at all. and he has signs for everything, he doesn't just talk. it's amazing. he's so sweet.

nicole and I went out for just a little while (she was afraid noah wasn't feeling well) to johnny brenda's for dinner. I had a little falafel sandwich and some fried (!) potstickers. nicole had a grilled vegetable sandwich that burnt the roof of her mouth. I also, as per usual, had a shirley temple to drink. ah, the hard stuff. it was really good, all of it.

we talked about some of the stuff that's going on with me. I wish I didn't let people down so often. I could tell that she was disappointed in me (sorry nicole) and that felt awful.

anyways, we'll all get through this. and yes, at some point I will be less vague with everyone.

much love to the blogosphere...

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Katy said...

I ran into the same iTunes problem yesterday, turns out I had to drag it to my library, let it be uploaded there, and then I could put it on princess penelope. Figuring out the iTunes is proving pretty tricky for me. I can't even manage to check out the music store. Oh well, I'm an iPod newbie.

On a totally non iPod note (rare for me the last couple days) You are your own worst critic. I obviously don't know the whole situation but I've seen a little glimpse into your life and I don't think anyone is as hard on you as you are on yourself. Feel the love honey.

Missuz J said...

Much love right back at ya.


the beige one said...

You are your own worst critic.

*le vigorous head nodding*

Steph said...

Happy late birthday!

I love Apple, but you're not the only person angry about iTunes stupid "digital rights management" crap.


Hopefully they'll cave soon, and stop trying to control every miniscule aspect of what people do with their own music.

Katiemagic said...

Obviously I don't know what's going on, but my guess is that you could be a little less hard on yourself about it.