weekend update

I had a pretty good weekend. I got to be an independent grown up on friday night and hang out with friends from work until after midnight. saturday, I took bells to ikea, where she was too afraid to play in the ball pit, but where we did manage to spend 45 mins eating goldfish in the cafe (and limited our spending to less than $100, which is unheard of.) sunday, sean took bella to the goat races at slyfox brewery, where a friend of his had his goat win the race and subsequently had a beer named after it. I, in turn, did some retail therapy, buying stuff from stores I clearly shouldn't have been in past 1998. (but the pants are cute.) then came home to a big mac pizza (it's exactly what you think) and a slightly cranky bella while sean went to the phillies game with his friends (as his independent grown up activity for the weekend.)

the only thing missing from the weekend, and it's a recurring theme, is time with sean. these days, even when we do hang out together, I am too irritated with this or that to really enjoy it, we're both distracted, one of us is tired, or the time we do have is limited. I think it's taking a toll on us. it is on me, anyways. we really have to get away for a while together to remember why we are together beyond bella.

speaking of, bella is speaking of everything. she talks, sings, hums...she's always vocalizing. she's been scolding me lately by saying something that sounds like BEEE TEEE DAA DOUGH! DA DOUGH!! I have no idea what she is saying. she means business, though. I was in the shower on saturday when she opened the shower curtain and said "I color" while pointing to the floor, which now has orange crayon scribble on it. (well hopefully not - since sean is supposed to be cleaning today.) I was amazed that she said it enough that I didn't care so much that she did it. though I did tell her to get a piece of paper, which she did. she understands alot, this kid. but the cutest thing she's doing lately is saying "ummmmmmm" when you ask her a question. "bella, what do you want for snack?" "ummmmmmmmmmmmm...cackers." "bella, where's the doggie?" "ummmmmmmmmm...ah dunno!" so cute.

tomorrow, I get to be an independent grown up again and have dinner with nicole and a mutual friend of ours...woo! I always have a tough time when I go to the house of eggerts because I want to spend time with everyone and there never seems to be enough time. I really want one on one time with noah so I can get to know him better, and I also miss talking to mark and nicole (about things other than babies - though what, I have no idea), and of course I miss talking to nicole about everything under the sun. and then I also need more time to spend with sean, and with all of us as a family, and with brett, and with my dad.....

excuse me while my head explodes.

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rob said...

Tell Nicole that I loved her in Charles In Charge.

Rebecca said...

No. Head exploding is bad. Try to prevent your head from exploding, please. :)

Bella sounds soooo cute. Hang in there.

Brownidegirl74 said...

I totally understand. You get caught up and need breaks and time flies and....where's the time as a couple????

Miss Bella sounds like she is growing soo much. I can't wait to see her again!!!

lonna said...

Man, I really wish that we were nearby and could take Bella off of your hands for a little while so that you and Sean could have some alone time. I think that now that Bella is walking that Dermot would have fun playing with her, especially since she's so verbal. He seems to have a thing for younger women.

Our lives are so the reverse in some ways. It's the three of us all day, every day, except for 7:45 - 5:30 m-f. I think that we'd benefit from adult time with other people, even if it was separately. That's part of the appeal of moving to New Jersey. Hopefully things will work out for you guys soon.

Missuz J said...

I'm so with you on the spending time with spouse thing. It sucks when connecting with the person who is supposed to be the love of your life becomes just another chore.

Bella is at the cutest phase right now. I absolutely loved when Soph was starting to put words together.

Yay for all the grown-up time you've been getting lately.

NME said...

WOW! After midnight! What did you do?

You need to get away with Sean. Real bad. If we can do anything to help make that happen you just say the word.

Those workouts must be really working - I couldn't find something at Delia's to fit me if my life depended on it.

I love the "ummm..." That is so darling I might drop dead.

There isn't enough time. There really isn't.

Oh and to set the record straight - the girl of Charles in Charge and Baywatch fame is Nicole Eggert. I am Nicole EggertS. Big big difference. That and the fact that I weigh about forty pounds more and have bigger boobs.

Stine said...

Have a good dinner tommorow.

And yeah, you two need to plan a weekend getaway. It could happen...

the beige one said...


girl is after the bling, is all. hook a toddler up, yo.

Katiemagic said...

I've been feeling like I need some alone time with my man too. Damn those life things that get in the way of a good romance.

Do you have some video of Bells talking? That sounds so sweet.

Also, why is there a wheelchair next to the word verification box?