hap eh uhhh uhhh uh maaaadgy....

bella hums alot while she plays, but she's recently become very interested in singing. alot of the things she sings, we can figure out - from the first song she sang weeks ago (ring around the rosie) to her current second favorite ("tinkle, tinkle, yi yi dah"). but there was one she kept singing and giggling at that we couldn't figure out right away.

hap eh uhhh uhhhh uh...DAAAADDDYYYY! (giggle) hap eh uhhh uhhhh uh MOOOOMMMMY! (giggle) hap eh uhhhh uhhh uh TEEEEEEENT! (giggle)

finally, I figured it out. she's singing happy birthday to everyone.

so now it's all birthday all the time. the baby dolls have birthdays, the chair has birthdays, the kitty has birthdays...at least she hasn't connected it to coke-cokes (cupcakes) yet.

in other news, bella has been requesting something accompany her to daycare every day. not always the same thing, though both baby dolls and one particular receiving blanket are her usuals. once it was her sweater even when she didn't want to wear it, once it was a teletubbies dvd case, once it was a necklace of mine, but the oddest one was a bottle of aquafina water. she would not go to daycare without it. and it had to sit next to her while she had breakfast. I think she more or less forgets about whatever she brings shortly after I leave, but for the short time I'm there, she's very adamant that she has something with her, and no one else can touch it. (to that end, another favorite phrase of hers is "mine" - uh oh.)

tomorrow I am leaving work early to go see the da vinci code. I feel like a star wars dork. at least if I dress up as one of the characters, it could be audrey tautou and maybe everyone would just think I'm stylish and european. I am quite sure no one in the movie is dressed all in white plastic or in head to toe fur, so maybe I won't be seen as quite so much a dork as star wars people. I'm looking forward to it, of course, but not because I think it's the best movie of the year or anything. I'm looking forward to an enjoyable diversion from the everyday, a series of puzzles that gets solved by actors, and a well-told story. I by no means think a work of fiction or a movie based on a work of fiction is a threat to the world as we know it by attacking organized religion, nor do I think that dan brown or the dudes he ripped off are geniuses ready to pull back the curtain on life as we know it. it's just a fucking movie...that I am excited to enjoy.

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OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Do I get a prize - I figured out what she was singing before you told me......(ummmm...could be that you used spaces and pauses - okay forget the prize, since I had help!)

I think it's cool that Bella wants something of her own (even if it's bottled water) with her in the mornings. My daughter (eldest) only started carring a purse with her at 2 to daycare, I finally figured out it was the picture in the purse she wanted - a picture of her and her daddy. So I put the picture in the clear pocket of her "back-pack" a.k.a diaper bag/panty bag. She was good to go! For fathers day right after we moved to Florida and left her behind (with her husband) she gave her daddy a copy of the picture framed for fathers day

NME said...

OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! The cuteness is overwhelming. I might need medical assistance.

I know very little but the basic plot idea behind Da Vinci Code so I'm not quite understanding all the hubbub. Hope you aren't disappointed by the film.

the beige one said...

it's just a fucking movie...that I am excited to enjoy.


I hope you do enjoy, and share share share.

The giggle after the singing is too much. simply too much

amandak said...

Awww, so cute. Pretty soon she'll be giving you the running commentary like my littlest is doing right now. "And then... and then... and then...!" To the point where he can hardly catch his breath.

I also know very little about the DaVinci code, and am trying to keep it that way until I can see the movie. Having a hard time avoiding the spoilers though. Maybe during my 2 week yoga summer vacation I might even get time to SEE something at the movie theater. Hope you enjoy it!

lonna said...

Happy Birthday is just too freaking cute!

I hope you enjoy the DaVinci code. I know very little about it, except for what I learned playing the DaVinci Code puzzles on Google. Now that makes me a dork.

Trikc said...

I can't wait to see her.. My shoe had a birthday last week and I totally forgot. It'll be glad to have someone else recognize it.

She's so sweet.

Missuz J said...

The Bella singing sounds dangerously cute--like pandemicly cute.

Hope you enjoyed the movie.

I read "Angels and Demons" first, and really liked it. When I read Da Vinci code, I was a bit dissapointed in the actual story telling, but loved the plot and subject matter.

Katiemagic said...

We're going to try to make it to that movie this week. An adult movie night! How was it?

And a very merry unbirthday to you!

Kat said...

Bella is so cute! I love that she sings to everybody.

Did you enjoy The DaVinci Code? I liked it OK.