bella m. and all the other bellas

well, it already happened. you know how you agonize over finding that perfect name for your baby, one that isn't so far out that she's ostracized but one that isn't going to be one of 15 kids in her class with the same name? we did that. we had all kinds of names on the list - hazel (a family name), dahlia, sofia - and we chose bella. sean loved it, it was very italian, and I didn't know anyone named bella so I had no negative connotations with it. then I used this thingie and it said that the name was on the rise. still not too bad, though...until I had her, and everyone asked me if she was named isabella. turns out isabella is one hell of a popular name.

bella has 4 classmates at daycare: kaylie, giovanna, connor, and ISABELLA. who is called bella. 2 out of 5?? wtf?

at any rate, here are some things that MY bella does that I bet that other one doesn't do. she's currently on an "eeeeeewwwww" kick. everything she sees that isn't quite right is met with "eeeeeeeewwww!!!!" something spilled on the floor? eeeeewwww! her shoe is untied? eeeeeeewwww! her peach is touching her ravioli? eeeewwwwww! (I admit, that's my fault.) she was 'watching' (sitting down, twirling her hair, drinking mokey moke) big love (not this week's show, last week's) with sean and he said that after the line "go get your kids, margeane, they're eating bugs" bella said "eeeeeeewwwww!! eat bugs!" so everything is eeeeeewwwww at home right now.

she is in love with the outdoors. she loves "blowers" - dandelions ready to be blown to the wind - but has trouble blowing them. she gets it too close to her mouth and winds up with little seeds all over her lips. which, of course, is met with eeeeewwwww. she loves walking alone - without holding hands or walking alongside me. she's so independent that I can, without a doubt, see directly into our future where we will battle over who opens the box of cereal, who puts on her shoes, and how she learns how to drive.

she also loves to climb. she likes climbing all over the furniture and getting up and down from chairs by herself. needless to say, this makes me slightly freaked out and I'm waiting to blog about Bella's First Stitches or Bella's Giant Scab or whatever. so far we're doing okay but I'm not sure how long it'll last.

shifting gears a bit, trent went to a combined tryout for both the travel soccer team and this thing called "premier", which is more expensive but the kids play at a way higher skill level. even though I had noted on trent's signup form that we are only interested in travel (which is already kind of steep) the premier coach pulled me aside after tryouts on saturday (which bella and I spent blowing blowers, racing matchbox cars down the sloped sidewalk, and exploring the front seat of the car) to ask me if I was interested in putting trent in premier, because they think he's good enough for the team. it was a big compliment for trent (and by transitive property, for me) but I just hope we are able to do it financially. more than that, actually, I hope we are able to do it timewise. it's a big committment. we'll see how it shakes out.

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Rebecca said...

Some friends of my family who live in New York City named their daughter "Maia," which sounded quite unique, but they soon discovered it was something like the second most popular name for baby girls in Manhattan. So.

Bella sounds like such a cutie! I love kids that age.

~A~ said...

One of my best-online-fake-mommy-friends is going to be having a girl next month (after two boys) and they're naming her Bella. Whether it's gaining popularity or not it's still a pretty name and your Bella is the cutest one I know. Bella's first stitches, *LOL*. Hopefully no time soon.

I stuck to city/state names for my four kids. Button and Elf have very rare names, in fact I do not know another Button. Muffin man and Pixie both have fairly popular names. MM was 72 the year he was born and is now 150 in 2005. Pixie was 99 her birth year and is now 172 for 2005.

NME said...

People stealing your babies name - Ewwww! I didn't know another Noah - and I've since met three different Noahs at our park. One of whom was born days before my Noah, in the same hospital. What can you do?

Congrats to Trent on the premier league! Kind of sucks for you though.

Allison said...

My best friend's little girl is named Bella (not Isabella, just Bella). She is 6 weeks older than my son, so we spend LOTS of time together. My son calls her "Bel Bel" as that is what Bella's daddy had nicknamed her. My friend had picked the name 2 years ago (she turned 2 in Feb.) when she named her and it wasn't popular at all, but we've both seen more and more babies with the name now. Weird!

lonna said...

The only Bellas I know, other than yours, are Isabellas. We haven't come across any Dermots yet, other than David's dad and Dermot Mulroney.

Way to go Trent. I know that it's hard with money and time to follow through on some of this stuff, but good for him for being recognized.

Kim said...

Hey there - I posted a comment at Dooce after you so thought I'd drop by and say, yeah, I read your comment!

Katy said...

OK, the other bella should have to be izzie by default. No fair stealing a name when you have TWO perfectly good other names. At least she gets to be Bella M. I was Big Katy, or Brown Hair Katy, or Spells Her Name Funny Katy. The name game...craziness. Just for future reference I am a BIG fan of Dahlia.