I am meekly waving hi

oh god. I'm so sorry. I'm such a slacker.

here's a few reasons why: work is picking up both in terms of work itself and drama, and...well that's all.

guess what? bella's got a double ear infection. what's that you say? didn't she get tubes to stop that from happening? why yes! yes, she did. so, 10 days of antibiotics via mouth that will screw up her digestion, give her diaper rash, and cause her to be very unhappy. not to mention trying to actually give her the medicine. seriously, when I heard that she had them and has to take medicine, I just about cried myself. I just can't believe we have to go through it again. what's it been, a month?

ay yi yi. well, on the plus side, she's been doing alot of cute stuff. like fake sneezing ("ah-CHOO!") and then blessing herself ("bleshu!"). it started out as imitating me, as I sneeze on average about 10 times a day, more when it's allergy season. which is every season, but it waxes and wanes.

what I have also been noticing is that she is not a snuggler. it's amazing to me how different she is from trent. trent still likes to snuggle up, give me hugs, hold him when he's upset. for the most part, anyways. but bella? she doesn't snuggle in bed (which is one of my fondest memories of trent's baby and toddlerhood - our snuggling at night) and she doesn't like having anyone's arm around her uninvited. she doesn't always give hugs or kisses and she prefers to rub her own head, not have you rub it for her. she even started kissing her own boo-boos. not to say that she's not a loving child - she is, as witnessed by her bubbies and the two baby dolls she cares for every day - she just isn't a touchy feely kid. I'm a little disappointed, because as trent gets older and the snuggling gets more infrequent, I thought I'd have the snuggles with bella to ease that loss. who knows, maybe she'll become a snuggler..but I should get used to the idea that maybe she's just not like that.

anyway. gotta run. time's up!

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Stine said...

Hey sweetie, here's to the little ones feeling better. Poor darling.

lonna said...

I can't believe that that poor girl has another double ear infection. That is so wrong on so many levels. I can't even imagine giving Dermot medicine any more. He fights all of it. Although he did love his omnicef, but nothing else. Dermot used to fake sneeze and it was so cute.

Dermot comes and goes with the snuggling. He's much more into barely touching than holding. When I end up in bed with him at night quite often he'll end up sideways with just his head touching my leg or something. I was an all-over-the-bed sleeper as a child and Dermot certainly is at well.

Missuz J said...

Did she get water in her ears or something? When Soph had ear infections after she got her tubes, we were just able to treat them with ear drops. Weird.

Sophie is way more snuggly now at 3 (getting close to 4) than she ever was at 2. So--there's some hope for you.

Let's hang out this weekend. (Just wanted to say it.)

Allison said...

So sorry to hear about Bella's poor ears again. Seems weird that she could still have an infection after getting the tubes. Does she have allergies? I know kids with allergies are much more prone to recurrent ear infections....it WILL get better though, those ear tubes will change as she gets older and then will be come less and less frequent. I know how awful the diaper rash and all is...I feel for you. Also wanted to add that my daughter was not snuggly as a baby or even at 2. She really didn't even like being HELD as a baby. She is much more loving now. My son on the other hand wanted to be held 24/7 and he's still as cuddly and huggable as ever...he even stops playing to hug and kiss me :) Oh how I will miss all of this as he gets older and becomes a big boy!

Katiemagic said...

Aw, I will be sad if Ellis turns out not to be a snuggler. How cute that she likes to kiss her own boo boos.

It truly sucks that she has another ear infection. Poor kid! Poor mom and dad!

Kodi said...

I would seriously have cried, or punched the doctor in the face. Poor baby, poor mommy. That sucks ass.
Kiri wasn't a snuggler unless she was sick as a baby. But as she got older she was more demonstative in her affections. No worries. The snuggles will come. Maybe not to the extent of Trent, but that will make them even more precious.