because you're all wondering, I'm sure

just how are the members of the milliceccobach household doing today?

well, since you're dying to know:

sean: well, I guess he's fine. we see each other rarely anymore. and when we are together, we're dividing and conquering. we really need to get a sitter or something or just make time to start talking to each other again.

trent: developing an attitude. yesterday, he didn't have school baseball practice, but he DID have connie mack league practice. he left his baseball stuff in his homeroom and didn't bother to mention it until 4pm. so sean had to drive him back to school, and luckily the janitor was there to let him into the room. he acted like it was no big deal. I tried to tell him that if that were me, my mother would have said "tough beans" and I wouldn't have gotten to go to practice, let alone go get my stuff. that happened often with books I left at school - if I left them, it was my problem. of course I don't want to do that to trent, but on the other hand, it pisses me off when he acts so entitled to one of us jumping up to rescue him. that's the tough part of parenting an older child...the balance of teaching without leaving him to twist in the wind.

bella: completely and utterly cranky. the dog bumps into her, she crumbles to the floor in a teary heap. you tell her she can't watch bubbies, she crumbles to the floor in a teary heap. you put the wrong piece of broccoli on her plate (not that one, THAT one) and she crumbles to the floor in a teary heap. and once she's on the floor, forget trying to pick her up. then she goes into kick and scream mode. I realize she doesn't feel well, but it's ridiculous. other than that, she's taken to being the boss of our dog, maggie. she tells maggie where to go and when to stop, which is often. maggie won't be doing anything at all and bella will say "NO, maggie!" she's also taken to saying "come here" to anyone she wants to follow her. so the conversation with maggie goes thusly:

bella: comere, madgy!
maggie: [slowly comes over]
bella: GOOGIRL! GOOGIRL! (good girl)
maggie: [tail sort of wags]
bella: NO, POOSH! NO!
maggie: [looks at me wearily]

that poor dog.

me: I am a mess. I thought it was allergies but I think I have a spring cold. which sucks big time. I went through an entire box of tissues yesterday. it's just neverending snot.

and that, my friends, is all. how about you? what are you up to?

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~A~ said...

"she crumbles to the floor in a teary heap" - watch out, she's on the fast track to drama queen status. I know I have an almost 9 yr old one who EXCELS at crumbling to the floor in a teary heap. I've excelled at stepping over it.

Sorry about the snots. I have to say it, again?, make a list and see your doctor why doncha. In fact, make the appointment and have someone watch the kids, then afterwards you and Sean sneak away for a date.


PS - he won't be twisting in the wind for long. Let him hang himself one time, I'm sure he'll catch the clue. xoxo

amandak said...

I have the crud too. Except mine is the sore throat post nasal drip variety. Ick.

Feel better soon!

Jen said...

I have nothing to offer you but moral support, but I hope things get better soon.

Maggie will get over the confusion eventually; poor dog.

Missuz J said...

Sweet Maggie.

As the step-mom of a soon to be 12 year old boy--I feel I can officially say that boys at that age are just total bone heads. They can't remember things from one moment to the next (except the cheat codes for the play station).

I hope Bella recovers from her floor crumbling soon. Bless her heart. And bless yours. I wish you 2 whole hours of alone time very soon.

Stine said...

I love watching children talking to the animals.

Here's the clearing up the crud. I am the allergy queen, I can relate.

Trikc said...

comere madgy. thats so cute. She's so smart. hey.. Would she cover my shift today?

beanspot said...

Maybe we can work out some babysitting tradeoffs once we come out east. It will be a while until then, but we could use some free time too, especially in a place where there is actually something to do.