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these pick up right after I last left off with pictures - from as far back as january. I know. shut up.

bella chooses which shoes she wants next:
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she loves dance dance revolution:
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new obsession - mini marshmallows (mawoahs):
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eggerts, and yes, these are that old that this is from baby disco:
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driving mr. noah at the PTM:
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in front of the fridge, yo:
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trent is half backwards man:
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NME said...

You better send me the snapfish link. Or else. I know where you live.

lonna said...

So much cuteness! Bella's starting to look so much older in the later picture of her. I love Trent's surprise reaction. That's awesome that you were able to capture it.

TD said...

Bells looks real hard in the black sweatsuit. Real hard.

You have beautiful children, Patrice.

thelyamhound said...

Lovely, lovely little 'uns. Bella is very Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai in the black sweatsuit. Priceless.

Jen O. said...

I know you didn't get too many photos of the surprise party for Trent, but the one you posted is so hyper-neat that there's no need for any more of them.

KATIEmagic said...

She is such a little lady! I love her black jumpsuit. She's just so freakin cute!!

I'm so relieved that Bella's tubes are in and everyone is doing well. We're still thinking about you guys!