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last night, sean went on his quarterly beer run up to The Best Beer Distributor In The World with his friend, buying cases and cases of microbrews and imports for distribution to about 25 guys. so it was me and bella.

she was awfully whiny. she only really stopped when I asked her if she wanted a snack.

she's got a pretty big vocabulary (which is going to be something I look back and laugh very wryly about, I think) but amazingly, and horrifyingly, alot of it revolves around food. now, I should preface this by saying she does say broccoli and cheese and pretzels, which are not that bad. however, she only needs to see the paper liners for cupcakes and she squeals "CUPCAAAAEE!!"

last night was no different. when snacktime came, she went through all the different snacks to choose from. cookies, pretzels, crackers, and "cream" - aka ice cream. we settled on cookies, or rather mini nilla wafers in a scooby doo box. I made the mistake of leaving them out last night, and this morning when I brought her downstairs to get her "coke" (coat) on so we could leave, she saw the box. and kept screaming "cookie! cookie!!"

she wouldn't leave without it (and I try hard to avoid tantrums) and she didn't necessarily push to EAT them, just to HOLD them, so I let her take the box to daycare. and she screamed if I took it away even for a second to buckle her into our out of the carseat, so she was pretty serious about it. she took them into daycare with her, but luckily, when she saw her friends, she let go of the box and went over to eat waffles.

I wonder if she'll use that box as her "lovey" now. as long as it stops being my boob, I'm cool with that.

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lonna said...

Dermot used to say "Kee" after dinner meaning cookie. Now he points to the cabinet above the stove where the Oreos are and says yeah yeah or something else that lets us know that he means business.

Dermot clung to a bus schedule one day at daycare. They had them at the front door and he grabbed one. He screamed bloody murder if I tried to remove it from his tight little fist. Eventually breakfast was more important so I snuck it away as he was eating. Dermot's actually given up his lovey. Now it's all boob all the time. Sigh.

Jen O. said...

Can we please see recent photos of Bella? Please?

NME said...

She's hooked on the scooby snacks!

I LOVE me some Bella. Can't wait to get my fix on. Can you bring her by tonight?

JJisafool said...

How old is Bella?

And what is a "lovey"?

~A~ said...

*LMAO* - this reminds me of when Pixie was about 16 months old and we would ask her what she wanted to eat she would reply, "Choc-o-late and bacon."

Jen said...

I wish I could be on Sean's Beer Distribution. I don't suppose he delivers to Florida?

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Don't know if Bella "falls" for the switch and bate routine - but when my kids found a cereal they were very fond of (well at least fond of the pretty box) I would fill it with whatever cereal I wanted them to have so I could pour it out of "their favorite" and until they were 4 or so all three fell for it! Ummmm I wonder if this warped them in someway - I mean I basically lied to them - oh well if it did it's done now and I didn't have to listen to the FITS!

shawnak said...

I feel the same way when someone wants to take my cookies :) especially in the morning!

Missuz J said...

I was so weak today that at the store, when Soph wanted the squirty whipped cream, I bought it, and have been providing her with "squirts" since. Brussle sprouts tomorrow. I promise.