you got me all wrong

so I posted yesterday what was supposed to be a stream of consciousness kind of thing. and I think I gave the impression (rightly so, in rereading it) that everything was crap and that I was not doing well. I am totally not playing for sympathy (this time). I'm sorry I gave the impression that I was so down. I'm a little overwhelmed, I suppose, but that wasn't the impetus. to business-jargon it, it was a "brain dump" which sounds totally disgusting.

thank you all for your concern. you're some damn good peoples.

so today, the king sized mattress that I mentioned yesterday was delivered. the window for the delivery time that they gave me was "between 11 and 3". sure nuff, 2:55pm, they come knocking. they bring the mattress in and basically flop it in the living room. I asked them if they could take it up to the upstairs hallway at least and they looked like they wanted to smother me. they grudgingly took it up, smashing it into my banister and bending it all crazy ways. the light in the hall kept going on and off, on and off, on and off as they dragged the mattress across the switch. they got it up there and came down and I gave them a crisp $10 for their efforts and immediately felt like an asshole. (I am so bad with tips when there isn't some sort of widely-known precedence set. 20% at restaurants, I get that. no prob. but like haircuts? my dude is $35 and I tip him $15, which seems like alot, but maybe not? I hate figuring shit like that out.) anyways, now we have a mattress in our hallway. baby steps. one day, we may actually be able to sleep on it.

I am pleased to report that bella is taking her new crazy-high-powered antibiotic like a champ. it's a once a day thing that doesn't get refrigerated, which I think is really the key. one time a day to hold her down, and it's not ice cold. she doesn't drink her milk cold and I think that the coldness actually hurts her teeth or something. I actually have no idea and am pulling ideas straight out of my ass. all I care about is that she takes the medicine without screeching or writhing.

in cuteness news, bella is the "tiny mimic" from yesterday's post. she's repeating everything I say, which is I guess good and bad. mostly good. sean and I have become very good at turning off the cursing at a moment's notice when trent is around (unless road rage is happening, then all bets are off) so we've already got the censoring stuff down pat. yesterday, she asked for "cuppa" which means a sippy cup. I asked if she wanted juice or milk, and she said "milk". then I asked her if she wanted milk or juice, and she said "juice". then I asked if she wanted juice or poop, and she said "poop". so it's kind of fun.

she also has decided that right after dinner is bath time. she loves her bath, and she's made her own routine that consists of "eating" dinner (using a fork for the first few minutes, eating a little, then smearing the rest with her fingers, finally culminating in throwing whatever food is left over the edge and calling the dog) and then doing the sign for "all done", followed by yanking off her bib and saying "BAT!" at first, I thought she was asking for brett, and even called brett to say "she's asking for you!" and then I realized she wanted a bath - mostly when she kept saying it over and over and ignoring brett on the phone and going to the steps and trying to rip her shirt off. ohhhhhhhh, BATH. so last night she pours her couscous on the floor for the dog, rips her bib off and says BAT! and we took her up to the bath, and she got in, and she played around, and then...she pooped in the bath. sean got her dressed and ready for bed while I scooped out the turds from the tub and placed them in the toilet. oh these crazy kids.

so in closing, I'm sorry to have alarmed any of you and I really do find it so sweet that everyone is always so supportive of each other. I love you, blogiverse.

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Missuz J said...

I sure hope that with the addition of the king sized mattress, you'll get a killer nights sleep.

Bella's cuteness is becomming down right dangerous.

Oh--and tub poop? One more thing to challenge my belief in a benevolent god.

~A~ said...

Tub poop - oh man does that bring back some memories. I'm so glad I quit having kids while I was ahead, or still had semblance of one.

I'm feeling some envy over that new mattress. If you ever get a chance to really sleep on it, before to describe in full detail every sleeping second.

Allison said...

So glad to hear that Bella is taking her meds and it's not too hard to get them into her. My son hates all liquid medicine, so for over-the-counter stuff, I try to always find the chewable version (tylenol, benadryl, etc.) He had an ear infection a few weeks ago and getting the amoxicillin in him was pure torture! But give him a chewable and he thinks they are like candy (kind of scary in a way).

lonna said...

Oh tub poop brings back memories. It's so amazing to me that she's a mimic at such a young age. Dermot is just starting that stuff. Wow.

I really hope the bigger mattress helps everyone sleep better.

jon said...

i used to love tub pooping. on an unrelated note, Dolores Umbridge has been cast. hi!

Kat said...

Ooo. A nice big mattress! Bella is too cute, especially with the mimiking.

Let me know if you ever figure out the tipping thing, I suck at it too.

Stine said...

I can tell you in the massage world...tips are the industry norm. However I tell clients that they are welcome, but not expected.

TD said...

Now I feel like an insensitive asshole for not commenting on your last post. While you did seem a tad overwhelmed, I assumed it was a stream of consciousness thing and not a cause for real alarm. Not that that's any reason not to comment. Sometimes, I just can't think of anything to say.

I can, however, say that I share your tipping pain. I think I probably always overtip at the hairdressers, because I'm so afraid of undertipping. I've even thought of asking my hairdresser how much people usually tip her, but that seems kind of uncouth.

Sort of like pooping in the bath.

NME said...

YAY king size bed!
BOO tipping delivery people. I too don't know what to tip in that instance. YAY less medicine and warmer medicine. YAY baths! And YAY for Sunday - looking forward to seeing you folks.