World's Worst Blogger

Remember me? Sean here. Of all the apologies I owe, the one to my wife is most important. Sorry, Patrice, for my blog neglect. You should know that I read as often as I can, and I'm usually too busy to ever post. That is not the case now, so here's my chance to say what I've been meaning to say for all of these days in a row when I haven't posted. Okay, no necessary build up here because I don't have anything big to say. In fact, Patrice has done one helluva job keeping us up to speed on life's goings-on or going-ons or goings-ons or something. Maybe I'll do one of those stream of conscience things that Patrice does so well just so that I can remember what I was thinking when I wrote this. Here we go:

I sorely miss Bella after not seeing her yesterday. I cherish this time in her life because I know that she'll never be this young again. A day I miss is a day I'll never get back.
I didn't see her yesterday (except for in her sleep when I got home) because I met up with an old friend named Mark, ex-roommate.
Mark was in the city last night with his band kicking of their 30 day tour of the U.S. with a show at The Troc's Balcony Bar.
Treated Mark and his band, Twilight Collective, to vegetarian Chinese food because I wanted to do something nice for a bunch of great people who are about to embark on a financially burdened road trip.
Saw them play and was really impressed with them and their openers. I'd describe their style as heavily hardcore influenced melodic rock. They treated me to a t-shirt as well as dedicating their final song to me in front of the audience and chanting my name on stage. They were showing their appreciation over dinner and the fact that I came out to see Mark after not getting together with him in over 6 years. He's a hell of an individual. In turn, I was flattered and appreciative. What goes around comes around and vice versa. Anyone watch My Name Is Earl? Love that show as well as the Office.
Still putting the pieces together after a rough Valentine's Day. Not only did I offend Patrice with my card to her and send her vase-less flowers in a box, but my computer crashed here at work. All is well though, now. The pieces have been put back together.
Lovin' the new heater and bed. Lovin' the fact that we've done so much with our starter row home, and there are so many more projects ahead of us. I just hope we can afford to get them all done. My attitude is all or nothing. I don't like half-assin' anything. If we commit ourselves, I want to go all the way, baby.
Got to visit my favorite record store last night (Relapse Record Store at 4th and South). Picked up a few gems that I can't wait to hear later: Kill The Client, Beneath The Massacre, Burst, Nasum, Mastodon, and finally...drum roll please...Facedowninshit. Sorry if that's offensive.
Trying to see as many Oscar nominated films as possible before the Oscars. Patrice thinks I'm a movie snob, but I'm more of a movie phanatic. A movie snob would not watch Four Brothers or Fantastic Four. I give everything a chance, but I sure will trash it if I don't like it. F4 wasn't too bad, but Four Brothers was not very good. Anyway, Patrice, Trent, Brett and I do this Oscar pool every year. The person who gets the most award winner predictions correct gets treated to dinner. For this reason, I like the Oscars. It's the only awards show that I give a damn about. Since I don't get to the movies often anymore (last one was King Kong...incredible), that limits me to the ones that are on DVD right now. There's only so much time in a day, so we do what we can. Besides, when we can't watch movies because we're caring for Trent and Bella, you can't complain about that. I mean, what better show is there than watching those two cute kids.
Finally, random cute things Bella has been doing lately: throwing away her trash; asking for her bath after dinner; helping me empty the dishwasher. Love that kid. Loving life!
Okay, so I'll talk to you all in a few months! Just kidding. I'll try to be better (I always say that). I don't want to be the world's worst blogger.

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the beige one said...

I'm winded just reading that...quick q's:

Is your friend's band coming to the NW? How would you describe the sound of the albums you picked up (facedowninshit conjures up an aural picture, but I'm not one to assume)?

And, anyone who says this "last one was King Kong...incredible" is cool by me.

NME said...

Sean - it's so rare that you post that blogger was so stunned it crashed for an entire day!

Oh Sean. You really are priceless. So sweet, sentimental and appreciative, all while listening to Facedowninshit. It's amazing.

seansylvania said...

Thanks, Nicole. Didn't mean to down the system, but I guess that's the silent rebel in me setting things ablaze.
To answer the beige one, here's a link to my friend's band's remaining tour dates:


As for descriptions, here are my brief rundowns of the ones I picked up:

Kill The Client - Hostile/punk/grind metal from Texas
Nasum - straight up punk/grindcore from Sweden
Mastodon - massive, thunderous rock metal from Georgia
Beneath The Massacre - mathematical technical death metal from Canada
Burst - progressive, melodic metal rock from Sweden
Facedowninshit - murky sludgy doomy punk metal from I'm not sure where (Hell, I would guess)

Thanks for expressing an interest.

lonna said...

Phew. That was quite a post. I just love your Bella stories. I had such a lousy relationship with my dad that I don't even think he noticed when I did these little things as a toddler. It's so sweet to hear your take on them.