weekend: dinner with the eggertses and jen and mark on saturday, as nicole described; a huge dinner on sunday at kkkkkkkkkkkkkkathy's and my dad's, as sean described; touching all the stuff they asked that we please touch on monday, again as nicole described. I really have nothing new to say.

well, except for the fact that, surprise! bella has....an ear infection! that's right. we didn't give her her medicine on monday because we forgot the morning and evening dose, and last night, she had a pretty intense fever. sean took off work today to stay home with her and the doctor says she has another pretty severe ear infection, worse than it was over a week ago when we had the last one. and this time, sean put his foot down. we have an ear-nose-throat appointment for march 6, and a new antibiotic in the meantime. we still have our ENT appointment for april 26 that we'll use as our second opinion - that is, if we don't get our tubes scheduled before then.

it's really ridiculous. this poor child is always sick and she's always in such good spirits. I'm sure nicole would tell you that at the museum, she was as happy as a clam. you would never know that she wasn't feeling well. I've had many, many ear infections - in fact, I've had tubes twice myself - and I know that they HURT. it hurts to tilt your head or lay down or have anything touch it. and you can't hear well and the pressure hurts and it's just miserable. and this poor baby has endured one after another after another and has been just a little angel about it.

poor thing. I hope she and sean managed to have some fun today. I'm sure she's not going to be pleased that she has to take medicine twice a day for another 10 days. nicole and mark witnessed a medication administration at their house on saturday night. it's not pretty.

in better news, sean and I wound up seeing brokeback mountain on saturday night, and I don't know when I've enjoyed a movie so much. I still keep thinking about it. I kept telling sean all weekend how much I loved it. it was a moving story and so transcended the gay cowboy theme. I'm not sure what about it touched me so much, but something did...I can't wait until it comes out on dvd so I can buy it and watch it again. and it was so lovely to see a movie at the ritz. the clientele is so different from all the theaters around here. when the previews are about to come on, even when the theater is packed (as it was that night) you can hear a pin drop, it's so silent. everyone respects everyone else's space and experience. no cell phones ringing, no kids running around, no teenagers (I should really be carrying around a cane and a 911 transmitter around, I sound so old) talking or throwing shit. I love it. so thanks again, nicole and mark, for the wonderful night.

we have homework from our talk with my dad on the addition. he already has plans drawn up. he's totally gung ho. it's going to cost a fortune, though, so I'm freaking out a little. we'll see how it shapes up.

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Missuz J said...

Soph was a whole different girl after she got her ear tubes. It saved all of our lives.

Ummm. That's it. Keep us posted on the home stuff. E keeps talking about an addition, and I just want to run screaming whenever he does.

Allison said...

I've read a lot about how tubes very rarely are needed anymore and that most kids outgrow the ear infections, but after hearing about how many poor little Bella has, I would say she most definitely NEEDS ear tubes. Luckily my kids have only had 4-5 ear infections each so far! Poor Bella and most importantly, poor you! I know ear infections totally make sleeping hard for them (and you!). Hang in there!!

Jen O. said...

I had no idea they still did the tubes thing. I had tubes in my ears three times, and I remember a doctor telling me fairly recently that they don't do that anymore. Maybe he meant they don't do multiple tubes surgeries anymore? Not sure. Good luck! Poor Bella.

lonna said...

Ethan's brother Tim's little girl Brynna just got tubes. She's 19 months old. Dermot just narrowly avoided them I think. He had several ear infections during his first 18 months, but nothing since then. We could never tell he had them either. He never even had a fever. We were usually taking him to the doctor for something else or he just seemed a little off. Now he just seems to get a runny/stuffy nose. I hope that an ENT can help all of you out.

~A~ said...

Poor baby. My kids started to get lots of infections since we moved in to this house. I swear by lavender essential oil now. I put a few drops in a teaspoon of olive oil and warm it up a bit and put that in their ears every time they complain a little and we haven't had a full blow infection in a little over a year. Lavender EO is antibiotic but since you're putting it right to the source of the problem it's not wreaking antibiotic havoc elsewhere.

Good luck again on the addition, many prayers that it turns out wonderful and under budget. :)

NME said...

Ahhh. Poor Bella. I can attest that as always she was all sweetness and light. It's so sad to hear about her suffering in silence. She's such a little trooper.

Glad you have a sooner ENT appt. It really is ridiculous they made you wait this long when clearly Bella's repeated ear infections were an extreme case.

Kodi said...

I have seen Brokeback mountain, and absolutely loved it! The scenery in that movie was breathtaking. God, how I would love to ride my horse in those mountains (and I wouldn't mind if Jake and Heath tagged along either). Missuzj asked me if the two actors were very good riders, but as they mostly walked their horses, it was hard to tell. Great movie. Definitely one of my top 10.

thelyamhound said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is my boyfriend (luckily he's 'Stine's, too). Brokeback Mountain was lovely, even if Jake will always be Donnie Darko to me. Made me homesick for MT and I'm never homesick for MT).

~a~ - I'd never heard about the use of lavendar essential oil for that ailment. I'll have to file that away. Any opinion on the use of tea tree oil in a similar capacity? I've also been told tea tree oil has antibiotic properties.

TD said...

Sounds like the Hound, Stine, and I are sharing a boyfriend.

I'm glad to hear someone else truly enjoyed Brokeback Mountain. I feel like every single time someone asks what I thought, and I say I loved it, I'm met with a roll of the eyes and a derisive "It was soooooooo overhyped."

I had ear tubes twice, and according to my parents, they completely changed my life. For the better. Hope they work for Bella!