hey hey you you get offa my cloud

paranoia status - red alert! if you look at me with a blank stare today, rest assured that I will, in about 4 minutes, have figured out at least 8 reasons why you hate me and what you're saying to others about me.

in other news, our mattress is breaking in quite nicely, I'm happy to report. it's still unfortunate for sean, who does not have the benefit of the space foam stuff on his side of the bed (his third of the bed, actually). well, actually, I don't think he really cares about the foam stuff. the mattress itself is encased in canvas and not whatever silky material normal mattresses use, and it has to break in, apparently. the foundations come in tomorrow, I think, and then all will be right with the world.

in heater news, I took a shower today with all kinds of hot water. AND the heat was on. it was alarming at first when we got home last night (sean, trent and I went to a sixers game in my company's club box - medium pimpin!) as we found brett and bella "asleep" on the couch while the stench of natural gas almost knocked me over. the pilot lights in the stove were out, and must have been out for a while. well, actually, I think our installer guy just never re-lit them. in his defense, he was at our house until after 9pm installing everything. so the re-lighting of the pilot lights (and the re-putting on of our storm door, and the putting back of our radiator covers) just didn't get done. the heater itself though looks HYPER NEAT. it's like, the house is old and everything is old in it and BAM! NEW HEATER! CAN YOU DEAL WITH THAT, MOTHAFUCKAAAAS??? in other words, it's a very nice selling point.

to that end, we are in the process of putting together a list of all the things that we'd like to fix in our house, and maybe getting ourselves some home equity whatev to finance doing it all. my guess is that we'll put the list together, take a look at it, then laugh our asses off. in a sense, it's like polishing a turd. I don't know. we'll see how it goes.

for now, though, we're just going to bask in the glow (literally!) of our heater.

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lonna said...

Yeah for hyper-neat heaters. I am so glad that things turned out well. How scary about the pilot lights, though. I'm glad that that turned out okay.

Steph said...

Yay for heat! Inexplicably, we have two water heaters in our basement. A semi new one, and a disconnected old-as-dirt one. Nice of whoever to leave us with the task of lugging the old one away when they installed the new one.

Many things about our house we'd like to redo too. Those "You just won a crazy kitchen rennovation" shows make me either laugh or cry because our kitchen is SO much worse than all those people who entered. I'd take their "before" kitchen any day. Does it have a sink you can actually set stuff in without worrying about collapsing the counter and getting rust stains on everything? Alrighty then.

Jen said...

Polishing a turd or not, at least it is a warm turd, right?

NME said...

Excellent. So the mattress is working out and the heater is good - you are on a roll. I can't wait to hear about all the other improvements you had planned. I think you were considering a deck?

~A~ said...

heat is good.

No, heat is wondermos!

Missuz J said...

HAppy new heater. Imagine that I am looking at you in a "you are so cool and I can't believe you even want to be my friend" kind of way.

RE reading at the mall etc., I love that you used your alone time to try and find a place to just sit and read. What book, if I may ask? I'm running out of good reads. We should all contribute to a list of must reads for one another.

KATIEmagic said...

Heat is a good thing. Would you hate me if I steal medium pimpin? That's so funny.