been there, done that

the weekend came and went so quickly that I hardly had a chance to bitch about anything. friday night, I went grocery shopping, which is THE thing to do, apparently. I mean, I know nicole does it, but I thought she did it because the stores are kind of empty then. perhaps it was because I was shopping before super bowl (r) sunday, but it was ca-roooow-ded.

saturday, we had yet another pajama day. when sean came home at 3:30, I lounged around and finally decided what I was going to do with "my" night, since sean was giving me the night off. I wound up bleaching the ends of the sides of my hair (hard to explain) for almost 2 hours (and no, it doesn't look bleached, fucking stupid feria bleach blond my ass) and reading, then going out to, of all places, ruby tuesday's in the mall to have dinner while reading. after sitting at the bar with my book and looking suitably spinsterish for an hour and a half, I went out into the mall to continue and hopefully finish my book. unfortunately for me, the mall closed before I could finish so I finished it at home while the boys watched flight plan. which - dumb. anyways, the mall was also good for some people watching. or teenager watching, more aptly.

I remember being that loud and that obnoxious and not caring how the rest of the world saw me. I remember being that awkward and that naiive and not worrying about anything other than what was happening right that second. but holy shiza, I do NOT remember wearing things so skimpy. maybe it's me getting older, I keep trying to figure it out. but some of these young girls, holy shit. it's crazy.

anyways, sunday, we went to an overcrowded baby disco with nicole and mark and noah, and then to their house to watch the superbowl. mark, sean, and trent watched all of the game, I watched some of the game, nicole watched none of the game. in fact, sean and I laughed as she called it "the football". I was a little disappointed that our take-out restaurant of choice (slack's hoagie shack) was only using their deep fryer to prepare wings, which I don't eat. that meant everything I had tried to order - fries, a chicken tender hoagie (??!!), and these thingies called "teezers" which are cheese-filled tater tots - was not able to be ordered. instead I got a cheesesteak with onions that were supposed to be fried but were not (and so repeated on me allllllll night and into today) and mushrooms. it was okay but it was no teezers and chicken tender hoagie. oh well.

today our heater is being replaced. this could go one of two ways - really excellent or really non excellent. I am hoping it will be really excellent borderline hyper neat. it will be nice to not have to worry about having the heat on at the same time you're trying to get the shower water hot. we'll see. I'll let you know.

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Stine said...

Congrats to the Steelers. Le Seattle Sigh.

lonna said...

I always suggest teenager watching to my adolescent development students. You don't get a better place for it than the mall. I remember being obnoxious and loud too.

When I was an early teen the thing was to wear tight clothes, not skimpy clothes. I think that's the main difference. I see some junior high pictures and I am amazed that I wore my shirts and jeans so tight. Maybe I was in denial that my clothes were so tight, but I don't really think so.

I really, really hope that the hot water thing went truly excellently for you guys.

Kat said...

Hope the heater thing goes excellent!

I get disgusted by 12 year olds wearing so little clothing. It's innappropriate and I know for a fact that I didn't wear stuff like that and neither did my friends. Now, jeans that you had to lay flat on the bed, suck in as far as you could and work up a sweat to zip...those I did. But at least my hooha was covered.

amandak said...

How could any self respecting take out place only offer ONE deep fried option on super bowl sunday?? That's just wrong, WRONG I tell you!!

NME said...

Yeah - I go shopping on Fridays because it is dead, so I'm guessing the super bowl had something to do with it.

Watching teenagers makes me so irritated. And when I start thinking about how I was just as irritating it makes me embarassed. And I am ALWAYS complaining about how little girls are wearing nowadays - and how every damn song on the radio is about sex, and not in a suggestive way but in an out and out dirty sort of way. Our kids are being sexualized far too young. I hope by the time Bella and Noah reach that age there will be some sort of backlash and they will all be wearing parachute outfits.

Teezers indeed.