viva et al

I can't believe how stealthily it snuck up on us, but we leave for las vegas the day after tomorrow. friday. insane.

I had a panic moment today when I tried to envision me, sean, trent, bella in her carseat, our giant suitcase, our carry ons, and our full sized stroller in my car. it simply wouldn't work. I don't want to bring our umbrella stroller because it's going to be cold and that thin nylon isn't going to help keep bella's body heat in at all. in came nicole to the rescue, allowing us to use her super cool fold up jobby that will allow us to still fit all our luggage in the car. (it was either that, or strap sean to the roof.) I also checked with everyone I know who has ever flown with a baby about gate-checking strollers, changing tables, and on-board ettiquette (yes, we will be walking the aisle of the plane with bella because, well, it's either that, or hear her crying.) I even had a chat session with our airline about whether or not we'd have a problem with trent because his last name is different than mine and because sean is his stepfather. we had a hell of a time with him at the canadian border and I didn't want a repeat. so I think we're all set.

now we just have to pack, get the dog to kkkathy's house, and...that's it. I may have to take a tranquilizer because I'm sure I'm going to be freaking out. which may be good, since I'll be nursing bella on the plane and it'll pass through the milk.

I alternate between thinking that this is a supremely bad idea and thinking it's all going to be okay. of course I have to go with the being okay scenario, I'm not that much of a sadist.

good news - I won (finally) our department's football suicide pool after a grueling 12 week showdown. $400ish smackers. that at least pays for some of the plane ticket debacle, or our shittyass inflated hotel for friday and saturday nights.

as it relates to the blogosphere, I am sad that I won't be online when baby ellis is born. however, I am HYPER NEATLY thrilled that I will be meeting becca, katy, and kodi (and hopefully soph and kiri?) for lunch on either saturday or sunday. how fucking cool is that. you meet strangers online, you talk for months, and then you get to see them. in the flesh. because they are real people, not just typed comments in a blog. it is so exciting.

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NME said...

Lending a stroller ain't no big thang.

I am SO jealous of your meet up with the Utah contingent. Can you take video? Audio? Holograms?

The flight might be difficult but I think you will have a wonderful time. If you can, call me in the middle of the week so I know how y'all are doing.

Katy said...

Everythings gonna be oooooook. And even better saturdayish sundayish!! Hooray! Oh my ex-flight attendant friend says just to keep a binky or bottle in Bella's mouth for the take off and the landing and her ears should be fine. I'm sure the flight attendants on your plain will be more than capable. SO EXCITED

Missuz J said...

Hmmm. I had planned on leaving Soph at home--thus not driving me insane. However, I can see why you might want to see the little maniac in the flesh. Will think on this.

(Oh--I put an audioblog up that I'm feeling quite cheeky about. Check it out!)

lonna said...

I hope that you guys have a great time. Traveling really isn't as bad as it sounds. We've done it twice and both times Ethan's back hurt from carrying around the car seat, but other than that it was fine. I also had the pleasure of nursing Dermot in many different airports since he doesn't really want to nurse in flight.

KATIEmagic said...

You guys SUCK! I wanna go! Have a blast in Vegas and for my sake take lots of pictures of obscenely large breasted whorish looking porn stars to post when you get home.

Stine said...

Have a great trip. Very exciting that you get to meet some of the girls.

seansylvania said...

I TOTALLY can't wait to meet the Utah contingency. Up front, I have to be honest. I barely have time to check my own wife's blog, so I haven't really been up on what you guys are all about. What I know is from your comments on Babyattack, and those alone have me looking forward to our lunch. Just forgive me in advance for being the guy asking a lot of questions about what Patrice already knows about you. Can't wait! I should totally bring the video camera for more reasons than one!

Jen O. said...

Ah, see, I hadn't read this post when I asked, via email, when you leave. Don't hate me because I can't read every day!

amandak said...

One of my fondest nursing memories is nursing Zach, at about 3 months old, on the plane from Fresno to LA. (The LA part is a whole other story, but we were on our way back to Utah, by the not so scenic route.) Through some strange seating arrangement, I wasn't sitting with Clark and Madeline, and practically had my boob, and my baby in the lap of the very sweet 20-something year old boy sitting next to me. Those airplane seats are just TOO SMALL for that kind of an operation.

Wish I could be there! I'm sure you guys will have a blast, and I know the Utah girls are muchly muchly looking forward to meeting you.

p.s. there is a possibility I might be in Philly this spring with my honey for some kind of work thing. how cool would that be?

Jen said...

That is too cool that you get to meet everyone. I am jealous and you have to post about it when you get back.

Have a great trip!