afternoon delight

as in, a quickie.

I've still not really caught up on my reading, but I'm getting there. vegas seems like such a distant memory now, as do the holidays. speaking of, we had sean's company holiday party this past friday night. I know. yeah. it was weird, seeing festive decorations and tree ornaments when I'm so totally over it. the head of sean's area sounded so lame when he wished us all a "happy holiday season" during his little speech. dude - really - we know it's no longer the holidays. it's okay to acknowledge it.

this weekend, we visited nicole's mom's house, even though she wasn't there. I still remember the roads to her house like the back of my hand, and still had flashbacks of high school while trying to explain to mark and sean that carol's walk-in closet used to be nicole's room. in fact, we had a closet party, where the kids pulled out shoes and clinique and sucked on bath and body works spray while we sat on the floor surrounded by color-coordinated clothes (and the largest rack of business jackets I've ever seen outside of a store) reminiscing and jibba jabbin. we seriously spent like an hour in the closet. it was hyper neat.

on monday, I scheduled a much-needed massage, after waking up yet again to an extremely painful back. I say it like I have a back problem, when really, I have a bed problem. or bed occupant problem. as it's getting cold again, and as bella's getting belligerent again, our bed inhabitants include a large husband, a cranky scream machine, a dog that likes to sleep only on my side of the bed sideways, and a cat that takes up any room the dog leaves. and I try to contort my body in such a way that I am still under the covers and technically on the bed, however mangled my form is. so naturally I wake up feeling like I just slept in the south strip travelodge all night.

so instead of a gift certificate to a spa massage place, sean got me (last MAY for chrissakes) a gc for the massage therapy place near our house. and let me tell you something - the knots may be gone, but holy shit. I feel like someone grabbed me and beat the shit out of me, only they insisted I face away from them. I am SORE. in a good way, I guess, because the knots are gone. and who knew it would hurt so bad to get the (previously undiscovered) knots out of my forearms? holy shiza. stine, is this what you do when you massage people? is it supposed to hurt so good?

anyway, refreshed from my massage and feeling good, albeit sore, I walked out of the massage therapy place and immediately hurt my back by missing the very first step out of the door. fucking DUH. seriously, it was like "wow I feel so go-WHOOOOOOAAAAA shit fuck ouch" and not to mention I looked like a fool on one of the busiest streets in town. oh well. it never lasts.

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Missuz J said...

Oh no to all of the above!

Girl--you need to get all those creatures the fuck out of your bed! 2 in a bed is crowded--but 5? Sheesh!

I was super sore after my last massage too--but like you said, in a good way. (Still waiting to see your Vegas pics.)

jon said...

When I think about your bed situation (which I do often) I can't help but think of a human-and-animal game of Tetris. And it makes me chortle. But I'm sad for you at the same time.

If you want, you can have our old king mattress, as we're downsizing to queen soon. We inherited The King from my mom and it's about 25 years old and it's very heavily stained, and possibly haunted. LMK!

lonna said...

That holiday party situation sounds really lame.

Dermot would absolutely love playing in a closet, if it were allowed. We're always scootching him out of closets at our house.

Dermot was in our bed with us last night, and we both had trouble sleeping since he tried to take up the whole bed. Our cats rarely sleep with us, but if they do they have very different styles. Soya is a dream. She sleeps at the bottom of the bed and you have no idea that she's there. Chana, however, puts all of his weight on one of us; usually around the stomach or the back. He really loves to cuddle in. So then you aren't able to move all night. I hope that you guys figure something out that will help all of you sleep well and pain free.

Stine said...

The rule of thumb that I tell people, if you are sore for 48 hours or less, that's pretty normal. If you are sore for longer than 48 hours, the therapist went too deep. Of course, I also tell people to load up on shitloads of water after a good deep massage as it helps the body remove all the cellular waste products that I just squooshed out of their muscles.

One substance that makes you sore, is called substance P, which is pretty much snake venom. Interesting eh?

The therapist should also check in with you during the massage to make sure they aren't going to deep. I tell people to let me know if the pressure gets over a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Ok, enough geeking out, glad you got a massage though.

NME said...

A massage. I think if it hurts so good then it was probably a good massage. Of course Stine is the expert.

Sometimes I think it's such a good idea to get a massage and I really, really want one, sometimes I am too wierded out about a stranger touching me in such an intimate way. Other than boyfriends I think the only person I ever let massage me was Samaki.

Yesterday morning I explained to my mom that we were chillin in her closets. I also told her we had the men straighten up in there so I apologized for anything that was not in the right location. She was glad to know that Sean and Mark had time to properly enjoy her cosmetics and unguents.

Did you guys go to the movies on Monday?

Jen O. said...

I can't believe Jon just outted our dirty bed secrets. I'm so ashamed.

I was thinking about you yesterday, because of all the press this story is getting on the news, Good Morning America, etc.

lonna said...

Jen, the psychiatrist who did the study has a last name of Ablow! Ha ha ha.

Carol said...

Yes, the funniest part of the 'Closet Party' was that you let the MEN put my things away!! I'm still finding surprises... (Glad you had fun!)