year in review

well, here we are. the end of december. there's a few more days left for crazy and/or wacky things to happen, but I won't be near a computer to document it.

let's see. 2005 began with me going back to work full time. dropping bella off at daycare wasn't too bad on her, as she was just over 2 months old. it was hellish for me, though, and I cried alot.

I revived the blog at the end of february and nicole started blogging (sort of on the sly at first) just before that. we made alot of nextblog friends as the year went on, and rather than list them out, they are in the links. those are some excellent friendships we forged. I'm extremely grateful.

I also started emailing a core but motley group of people on a regular basis starting in 2004 and continuing into 2005. tom, tracey, jen, mark, nicole and I still email each other as much as possible, and it's their emails (and the blogging) that carries me through each day.

let's see. I went to vegas alone in june for a conference after agonizing over it. bella turned 1. she began to walk and talk. I got to watch noah do the same. we got new carpet in the house. I started going to the gym and then stopped when I got tendonitis and haven't gone back again yet. we redid our kitchen but didn't finish. I deeply hurt my mother in law by not asking her what she wants for christmas and instead getting her the incredibly hideous gift of a pretty wool hat and scarf, and then had the nerve to tell her that her returning it hurt my feelings, and I learned to let go. juuuust kidding.

jen coined the term "hyper neat" which I plan to use alot more in 2006. I almost won a football suicide pool that is still going on. I had a few arguments with my best friend but we got over them. I had a few arguments with my husband but we got over them. I had a few arguments with myself that I'm not completely over. I had a few arguments with colleagues but I've halfheartedly moved on.

I'm not one of those people who sees the new year as an opportunity to change my outlook on life, as I have to do that often to keep my sanity. maybe it's because I'm a gemini or because I'm fickle or lazy or whatever, but I have to reset myself every few months or I start to lose it. so I have several "new years" each year. but I love being surrounded by friends and family as the years move on, and this year, I have the supreme honor of hanging out at the eggertses with master noah for the new year. I'm excited.

I have no idea what 2006 will bring. I hope it brings cookies. and nice bathing suits. and extra spending money. and happiness. and health. and milestones. and a sibling for noah.

happy new year, everyone...see you in aught 6.

5 validations:

NME said...

The supreme honor is ours! It'll be one baby-rific new years eve.

I'm glad to have shared so much of 2005 with you and look forward to our exploits in 2006.

the beige one said...

>le happy new year to you too<

KATIEmagic said...

Happy New Year!! Here's hoping it's baby-rific at my house too.

Missuz J said...

So glad to have shared just a little piece of 05 with you.

Stine said...

Happy New Year too!

Another Gemini, Mr. Ly is a gemini too. When's your b-day?