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I told you there'd be multiple post days this week. it is totally dead around here. since I am so fixated on this stupid mother in law thing, I thought I'd post pictures. pretty, pretty pictures.

first, sean's birthday. sean's opening presents and trent's doing shenaningans.
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noah eats his fist in his disco clothes. (yes, these are THAT old.)
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sorry, ladies, he's taken.
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bella's monster feet and a real monster dog.
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bella feeds her baby doll. mmmmm, milk in the eye.
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our annual picture at my dad's christmas party. sean and I are in the left corner. my dad is in the chair, kkkathy is at his feet, the woman with the lion looking mane is kkkathy's daughter lllori. next to my dad, seated, is my sister josie, and holding her down by the shoulders is her new boyfriend and soon to be husband, who we all just met for the first time, named....joe? john? I think john. next to him is my sister in law carol and next to her is my brother and her husband, roy. beneath carol and next to josie is my brother tony, who is finally separated from his wife. sitting in the other chair is kkkathy's son eeeric and his wife sssally. missing from this picture is my brother pat. and of course, my sister and brother from my mom's side of the family.
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here's my neices and nephews. missing from this picture are my oldest neice from my father's side, kristin, and my neices and nephews (3 girls, 3 boys) from my brother and sister from my mom's side. sidenote, an interesting fact about my family - because of non-related siblings marrying into the same family multiple times, my sisters and brothers both from my mom's first marriage and my dad's first marriage are also my cousins.
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and here's the only picture I have downloaded so far of bella at christmas with her pretty dress. she wore that santa hat for a grand total of 12 seconds.
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3 validations:

KATIEmagic said...

First, your hair kicks ASS. I love Noah's disco sequins and Bella's lovely, lovely dress. And wow, I can't even wrap my head around your family tree. The looks on the faces of your in/step/brothers and sisters are just exactly what my family looks like on Christmas. Except they're usually drunk.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Gotta say it's a good thing your quick with the camera - I couldn't get any pictures with the hat on - I got them with the hat in front of their face on the ground and being stomped on. So YOUR GOOD!

NME said...

Love the pictures. Looking forward to more.

I've known you since 9th grade and I'm still confused by your family tree occasionally. And I'm used to those sort of mangled branches.