trent facts

here's some stuff you might not have known about trent.

1. he once ate dog poop and liked it.

2. he's extremely ticklish under his chin.

3. his right foot really does look like a club, which is so sad.

4. he once only answered to the name "frosty". it lasted about a month or so.

5. he also went through a period where he insisted on wearing a cape at all times. this was not during halloween.

6. he has an excellent sense of humor.

7. he is still afraid of the dark.

8. he's the shortest kid in his grade.

9. he can lift more weight than I can.

10. last night we were talking about a woman that sean works with having been in the same position at work for 7 years. trent was amazed at this fact. we found out that he was amazed because he thought she was literally in the same physical position for 7 years, like the tin man.

11. he's got tiny blackheads on his nose and is beginning to get pimples. and his pits REEK.

12. he likes to play nancy drew mysteries on the computer, even though they are for girls.

13. he still likes to snuggle with his mom.

5 validations:

NME said...

OH NO! Adolescence - it's coming! I guess everything will be okay as long as he still wants to cuddle.

KATIEmagic said...

He still likes to snuggle?! How sweet is that. You're a lucky mom!

Jen said...

Here's another fact about Trent-

He will be incredibly embarrased if he ever reads this :)

He sounds like a cool kid- I am not so sure about the dog poop thing, though.

lonna said...

I was hoping there would be a Trent post similar to the Bella post. Dermot has the ticklish chin too. I love the kids with capes thing. The kid behind us went through that last summer. I can't believe that he's hitting puberty already. Wow. Maybe he won't be the shortest kid in class soon. My brother had serious pit issues. I remember when the deodorant that my parents bought for him just wasn't enough and my mom had to buy every brand out there to find out which one worked the best. I'm also glad to hear that he still likes to snuggle. That gives me hope.

Missuz J said...

Janzen is also in that ALMOST a teenager. With him, though, it's the FEET. Damn. Stinky!

Janz decided, for a week or so, that his name was "Buddy-sugar-Janz."