baby bella facts

here are some things you might not know about baby bella:

1. she loves bathtime. in fact, she cries when we try to take her out of the bath. we have to slowly drain the water out so that she becomes disenchanted with it and will not freak out when we pick her up. sean has much more experience with this than I do.

2. like dermot, she likes to have stuff in her hands most of the time. yesterday, it was 2 unopened bottles of avon roll-on soap. today it was plastic forks and spoons. sometimes it's plastic letters from her fisher-price house, sometimes it's my socks. she'll keep them in her hands even while sleeping, and won't let go to put on clothing or jackets.

3. she enjoys a bottle of warm milk at night. whole milk. not mine. this gets us ever closer to that elusive weaning.

4. she now eats more table food than baby food. she especially likes the soup that katy gave us the recipe for, pasta, and green beans. though she really enjoys just eating whatever we're eating.

5. she farts alot and head-butts things often.

6. she acts like she's having a conversation, with timbre and cadence changes. like she thinks she's human or something.

7. she stands by herself until she realizes she's standing by herself, and then she quick sits down, like "oh shit! I was just standing there for a second!"

8. she often needs her butt patted when she's trying to fall asleep.

9. sean is better at bathing her and putting her to bed than I am, unless I'm whipping out the draft milk.

10. she loves baby dolls and loves to dance.

11. she is both drawn to and afraid of the dog.

12. she loves booping fingers - putting out her index finger and touching it to your index finger while you say "boop!" to get her to do this, you just ask her, "wanna boop?"

13. she examines her clothing after it is put on her. especially long sleeved shirts. she looks at her arms and then turns them all around, looking at the sleeve.

since 13 is my lucky number, I'll stop there. there will be a quiz later.

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lonna said...

That's awesome. It's cool to see the similarities and differences between kids since I only have the one. Dermot used to love bathtime but in the last week he has come to hate it. It's very strange and it happened over night. I hope that Bella doesn't do that to you.

I'm still a bad mommy who nurses her baby to sleep, although he can go to sleep without me if I'm not around, but that hasn't happened since April.

Dermot loves green beans too, which is funny because Ethan and I are both kind of "eh" about them.

I wonder when the fart thing and the head butting thing stop.

Dermot loves trucks and other vehicles. He's a very boy boy. It sounds like you have a very girlie girl.

Dermot is also fascinated but scared of dogs in general since we don't have one.

Dermot just started to realize that there were things on his clothes about 2 months ago. We started pointing out the puppies and frogs and what not, and he was excited, but he doesn't usually look on his own.

Kodi said...

So cute. I love that she examines her clothes. Kiri loved shirts with animals on them. She could've cared less about Cinderella, but put a shirt with a puppy on her, and she was in heaven.
I tried to nurse Kiri, but only lasted 5 months. This is gross and personal, but I had scabs on my nipples and nursing was painful, to the point of torture. Obviously, I was doing something wrong.

NME said...

YAY! Bella info. The boop is very cute.

Noah cries at the end of every bath too.

How do you heat the milk up? With your bottle warmer?

KATIEmagic said...

Baby Bella sounds like so much fun. I wanna boop!

lonna said...

I forgot to mention (hard to believe) that yeah for Bella drinking milk. I know that she wouldn't take formula, and I didn't know if she would be willing to transition to milk. Some kids don't want to give up mama's milk.

Jen said...

Kids are so funny. I still don't want one yet, though, but posts like this make me lean more towards wanting kids of my own.

Missuz J said...

Sweet sweet baby Bella!

Every time you post about her, I have to chant to myself, "I do NOT want another baby!"