things that suck

I didn't blog yesterday because the day before I said "pictures tomorrow, I promise" or something equally stupid and I didn't download the pictures so I was like, I'm so lame, I shouldn't even blog. but if I waited until I downloaded those pictures before I blog, I'd never post again. so fuck it. you'll see them soon enough. I am sorry for the delay.

so a quick story about seeing the exorcism of emily rose. it was our date night, and we were really excited to see a movie all by ourselves. together. you get what I mean. so we get there only a little bit early - maybe like 5 minutes before previews - and there are only 3 other couples in the theater. excellent. since I have become old and crotchedy, which happened somewhere around 28 years old, I have maintained that movie theaters should be like peep shows - everyone gets to see the same thing, only they are in isolated booths. because at the movies, I HATE other people.

so we chose a seat in the middle of a row about 3/4 of the way to the back, because the other 3 couples were scattered about closer to the screen. all seems to be well. about 4 seconds before the lights go down and the previews start, our own nightmare began. all told, there had to be about 30 teenagers that suddenly bounded up the stairs to sit in the back rows, where the cool kids always sit. a line of teenage boys were directly behind us, bumping into our seat, talking in regular, ie un-hushed, voices, and we decided to move our seats. a funny thing about guys who go to the movies together: they don't sit together. the guys scattered around the theater, two of them wound up sitting in our row.

I guess I should be grateful to all those obnoxious bastards because I probably would have been much more scared had I not been so fucking annoyed with them. the movie is rated pg-13 but some of these kids looked way younger than that. including the one that ran up and down the aisle pointing at people randomly. cell phones were on, people were yelling at the movie, laughing, holding entire conversations with each other as if they were outside...

I didn't want to go out and get an usher (as no one came through as they are supposed to, to check on shit like this) because I really didn't want to miss any of the movie. so I resolved myself to talk to the manager afterwards.

as a fitting ending to the fiasco, just as the final scene began, all the house lights went on. a few seconds later, a lazy looking kid in an ill-fitting Regal Theatres (it's not a theatER, it's a theatRE) uniform came out with a big trash can. upon seeing everyone still in the theater and the movie still on, he sort of jumped back a little, like oh shit, I jumped the gun, but then proceeded to leave the lights on until the credits came on. and THEN the lights went down again...just in time to see who the fucking key grip and best boy were.

when we did complain to the manager, we were one of at least 8 other people who were saying the same thing. and we all got free tickets to another movie of our choice. so that's kind of cool. though I'll never go to the movies again on a friday night. pesky kids. let me just hike my pants up a little higher....there. I think I'll just continue to watch murder she wrote.

last on the list of things that suck: yesterday, trent's middle school was evacuated because of a bomb threat. yeah. go back and read that line again. they were in a "safe area" according to the website for the school (the football field next to the school - I guess it's schrapnel proof.) they had to leave all their belongings inside and they got bussed home. trent brought home a friend, which was kind of cool, because he never wants people over. but he seemed a little shaken that it was a bomb threat, as he thought it was just a fire.

the threat was, of course, empty, and no bomb was found. but seriously. it's not even a month into the school year yet, for crying out loud. and this is middle school! trent is already afraid of what he calls "violent teenagers" and this isn't helping. he told me a few weeks ago that he wishes he could go from 12 years old to like 17, because by about 17 or 18, you're not as much of a teenager. out of the mouths of babes, I say.

the nice thing about things sucking is that eventually, something HAS to happen that doesn't suck. since work sucks today, I'm banking on it being something at home.

oh, remind me to tell you about the haunted chairs.

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M.Thom said...

I did find that right around when I turned 28, other people started to piss me off royally. For the most part, that is reserved for other drivers (what IS it with PA drivers?), obnoxious teens (I just want to say something that will wipe the smirks off their faces, but I haven't thought of the perfect thing to say yet), and parents who let their kids run around without any supervision when in public (which I know you would never do). So, yeah, I tend to get cranky...

Meanwhile, Bill's kids will be almost 13 and just 14 when we get married, so I am guessing that there is a lot of adolescence in my future. Nothing like signing on just in time for puberty to hit!

It will be even better once we add a baby or two to the mix...I guess this is family life in modern times!

jon said...

please please please tell us about the haunted chairs RIGHT NOW!


NME said...

Be realistic. What movie theater can afford to book Usher?

I wish I went from 12 to 17. Trent has got the right idea on that one.

The chairs! The chairs! I need to know.

Missuz J said...

I can't believe how many times a day I think--or say, "I can't believe what these kids are wearing!," or "Why do they like this music!"

Also, add another plea for the haunted chair story.

Brownidegirl74 said...

I seem to get very annoyed with teenagers, too! The girls are only 9 and 10. What am I getting myself into? I remember when I was a teen, but I don't remember ever acting like some of these kids.

And another for the chairs.

Rebecca said...

as a teenager, i'm not sure how to take this. well, i'm eighteen, i'm older than the obnoxious people you encountered, and i've been known to complain about them pesky younguns myself from time to time. but hey! standing up here for the fact that not all teenagers are brainless obnoxious twits!

lonna said...

I study teenagers for a living, so I'm a little biased towards them. That being said, I think that groups of teenagers can be the most obnoxious thing in the world. I complain about them all the time too. What happens is that most teenagers are pretty good, but that the bad teenagers are so obnoxious that you can't help but dwell on how awful they are. We have a kid down the block that drives way too fast down our block and has his bass cranked up every single time he leaves his house. We can tell he's coming or going a long time before he actually passes our house. Our street is only 2 blocks long because we're in a new subdivision, and yet he still floors it to get past those 8 houses. Dumbass kid.

I hate going to crowded movies or movies with ignorant people. I'm a bit of a film snob, so I take my movie watching very seriously. That's the one nice thing about going to see obscure films, the only other people there are geeks like me. When we saw Run, Lola, Run there were literally only 4 other people in the theater and it turns out that we knew one of them.

patrice said...

to clarify, for rebecca:

I am totally understanding what you're saying. it sucks being a teenager because people like me are always saying stuff about teens as a whole. it's like, you may as well act like an ass because people expect it of you anyway. so I apologize for lumping all teens together.

I do admit that there are about 6 teens out there who aren't like this. juuuuust kidding.

I do wish there were more like rebecca that chose to see that movie that night.

amandak said...

We also had a teen on our street in Utah who drove too fast and listened too his music too loud. I finally figured he must feel like he's not heard enough, so he has to make all of us hear him. I should talk though, cause I do like my music loud. I try to be considerate and turn it down in neighborhoods, but watch out on the freeway!

Maybe it was the type of movie too? Personally, I can't handle horror flicks. I can't even watch the comercials for the one you guys saw. Too scary.

Rebecca said...

I was joking... damn internet, it's impossible to tell if someone's joking or not.

Katy said...

People I am 22 and those damn teenagers piss me off. However I have the benefit of being close enough to one of their peers but just old enough that I'm still semi-respected to get away with telling them to shut the hell up. It usually works for about 2.5 seconds.

Just a reminder, haunted chairs!!

beanspot said...

I'd say that a lot of people annoy me- it's not just teenagers. At least here in Iowa, the adults drive and act just as stupidly as teenagers, college students etc. This also proves that most people don't learn from experience.
I would say that you had a bad teenager experience, but it could just as easily been adults talking being annoying.
Bitter- you bet!
I'm going to blog about our neighbors some day- they're prime examples of grade A morons.