weekend at tricey's

or more aptly, better off dead.

did you ever have one of those weekends where you're actually counting down till monday morning when you can go back to work? I have. oh, I have. and this was one of em. actually this was YET ANOTHER one of em.

before I get more in depth, let me just give you an overview. friday night - mother in law visits. saturday - insanely hot day capped by slightly surreal impromptu high school reunion. saturday night/sunday morning - incredibly painful IBS bout. sunday - annoying 7 hour visit to my mother's house.

I realize that I've been bitching about weekends pretty much since I realized that sean would be moving to the weekday shift. it's like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, and you see the toilet, and that makes you have to go that much more because you know it's thisclose. but seriously, some of these weekends are just way too much for me to handle.

first off, it's been 99F here for days. with humidity, they say it's like 110F. apologies to texans and/or floridians and/or anyone else who deals with this heat all the time. I love all of you, but I live in pennsylvania and we are only supposed to have short heat waves that are tempered by the gloriousness of being the birthplace of independence. the rest of the time, it's supposed to be pretty nice and we forget about all that liberty bell nonsense because we don't have to remind ourselves about why do we live in this burning pit of liquid hot magma again?

second, as sean said, we don't have air conditioning except for a window unit in our bedroom. which makes the first off part that much more of a factor.

and third, I'M ALL ALONE. yes, yes, I did it with trent for years, but for some reason, it's worse when you could have help but don't because of something like a stupid job for stupid money.

adding a fourth, I have my period. so you can all suck eggs if you don't feel like hearing me bitch. you heard me. SUCK GODDAMN EGGS.

so this doesn't end up as an extra long post, I'm just going to run the highlight reel.

jo-anne's (my mother in law) visits are just annoying off the bat because she constantly works into conversation that she never sees bella, as if we have to ask her if she wants to see her. last time I checked, phones and cars worked both ways. plus, she's always got some notion about how things work that is usually so far removed from reality that it really should be comical, but instead it's just frustrating. this time, it was how dvd players work, I think. it could have been cable. I tuned out.

saturday was so unbearably hot by 8am when I had to be at trent's soccer field that I had to leave with bella. so I missed the team's only goal of the day over 2 games, which of course was scored by trent. I fucking hate the heat.

then saturday night was nice, seeing some old high school friends, but I felt a bit disconnected at times when people were talking mass spectrometers and basal ganglia and whether their offices had windows. it had nothing to do with the company I was keeping, it had to do with what every single reunion situation deals with - having to take personal stock in where you are in life. plus, it was still fucking hot.

saturday night into sunday morning, I had one of the worst bouts of IBS that I've ever had in my life. and for the first time in HISTORY, I allowed someone into the bathroom with me so that I didn't a) burn up from the heat, and b) pass out. sean came in to help me even though he was already tired and had to get up at 4am. and we were in there for hours. at one point, he had to go in to make sure bella wouldn't wake up and instead of us having the transmitter for the baby monitor in the bathroom, we had to put the receiver in the bathroom so that he could be in the bed with bella listening for if I was still alive. I may have gotten transmitter and receiver wrong but you know what I'm saying. it was a long, horrible ordeal and I almost considered going to the hospital.

sunday, I had to drive an hour and a half to my mother's so that we could use her pool, only to find out that they don't allow babies anywhere but the baby pool, which was broken. hours later, we found out that they would allow bella in the pool if she had a swimmer diaper, which I had forgotten to bring. robert e lee went to 2 stores to get swimmer diapers but because he isn't very good at locating anything that he doesn't use regularly, he couldn't find them. so he came back, after about an hour, and then I had to go out and find some. and people, my mother lives in the middle of NOWHERE. the town is called bath, to give you some indication. there are only 2 traffic lights in the town, the center of which is about 5 blocks long. so anywhere you have to drive to get something is guaranteed to take at least a half hour. we finally got in the pool, but by that time it was naptime and bella was cranky and miserable. we didn't get home until about 15 minutes before six feet under, which did cheer me up a bit, but my stomach was still not right from the night before and I didn't wind up enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

and then, blissfully, the weekend was over. and every weekend that comes between now and mid september is going to likely be as excruciating, but each one that goes by gets us closer and closer to having sean be a part of things. and that will be HEAVEN.

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Jen said...

Wow. That is all I can say. How horrible. I hope things get better for you soon.

KATIEmagic said...

It is totally true that it's worse to know you have someone who could be there to help and they're not. I can't imagine 110 degree heat index with no central air. You guys must really be cooking. Hang in there, it's almost over.

Missuz J said...

Ak! You definitely get the award for the worst weekend. I'll pray for cool weather and uniritable bowels for you. What's the deal with the swim diapers anyway? Can they tell the differance between pee and pool water?

NME said...

Your post made sweat bead up on my brown and my bowel begin to churn - all in sympathy. So sorry it was a tough one. Glad there is promise of better things on the horizon.

grody jo-dee said...

don't worry--i live in fl, and i have FULL sympathy for people who hate the heat. i wasn't raised here, and i've lived here for 5 yrs, AND IT STILL SUCKS ASS (like my run-on sentence?)

as for MILs, mine is always talking about how g. must have grown 5 inches shince she saw her and yada yada yada. they are retired and not exactly lacking in funds, but can't trouble themselves to see us that much (not that i'm complaining about that) the funny thing is, she says that about not seeing g. even if she just saw her the night before. thank God for caller id.

amandak said...

Dude, that sounds like it seriously sucked ass. Better luck next weekend, we'll all have our fingers crossed for a good one. Or at least a not so amazingly heinous one.

lonna said...

It was totally fucking hot up there! I am so glad to be out of it. It seems to have left with us, so I hope that things are a better weather wise.

I'm sorry that you had such a bad weekend. I know that things will be so much better when Sean's with you on the weekends. I can't even imagine the schedule that you guys are on.

I have IBS issues too, but mine seem to be of a different type than yours. Mine is more inconvenient than painful. Such as where's a bathroom RIGHT NOW?

It was so great to see you guys while we were in PA. I hope that you never have a weekend as bad as this one again.

Anonymous said...

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Jen O. said...

At first, I thought you spent the "Weekend at Tracey's."

The weekends will get better, so much better. The summer flew by; September will be here before you know it.