Summer Home Stretch

Sean here feelin' the heat. Summer and heat go together like "steak and bacon". There's nothing wrong with a little sizzlin' if you're equipped to handle it. When you lack central air in your home, it makes you feel less equipped for coping with the heat (including simple things like breathing easy) unless you have a pool, and sorry folks. The Nemo pool isn't going to cut it for me. Although, it does feel nice to put my feet in along side Bella, but that can only last so long until the pruning takes effect so much that Darwin sends us back to our fishy origins from beyond the grave.

The heat has felt so bad lately that I actually look forward to coming to work to bask in the a/c. I was in such a hurry yesterday that, after merely WALKING down the stairs and breaking a sweat, I vacated the house quickly without breakfast, packed lunch, or my cell phone. At least I had a chance to be cool at work for 12 hours, but Patrice cannot say the same. I'm sure she'll tell you about it tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll have better luck today as she trucks up to Bath, PA with Bella to her mother's house, which has an air conditioner and a non-kid friendly pool.

All of this heat really has me looking forward to The Fall, which is, by far, my favorite season and even more special this year with the birth celebration of a very special daughter o' mine (Strangeafeet and Marksthespot can probably share the same enthusiasm about the upcoming Autumn). To get ready for the big shindig, I've been busy organizing the guest list and tweaking it so that our overall cost can somehow get submerged below the $1000 mark. Right now, staying above this mark seems inevitable, but I think it's a worthy cause because A) She's only going to turn 1 once in her life; and B) Our heathen tendencies steered us away from having a Christening, so we're already one behind on the list of big family occasions to have for baby.

Another facet I'm working on is the song list, which besides The Beatles "Birthday Song" will consist of all Halloween and other spooky/creepy/ghoulish songs I can think of. The list is long so far as I have plenty to work with, but if you have an obscure suggestion for a song that you think would go well at a child's Halloween-themed birthday party, please let me hear it.

As far as the diet goes (not going the distance or for speed right now), I have cheated in two ways this week. A) I have totally disregarded it in favor of eating out and snacking unnecessarily. B) I completely ignored the scale this morning, so I have no idea about the damage of said eating. This is compounded by the fact that Trent has been on vacation with Brett this week, and I haven't played Frisbee in a week. All of this bad eating and lack of exercise has me thinking that all positive steps forward have been followed by two steps back. So, I have nothing to report on that subject this week except that I'll try harder this week. Only a few more weeks until the beach!

Finally, I gave thought to posting the concert list on this site, but seriously. Patrice would kill me for A) Bringing up too many bad memories; B) Taking up too much space on this site; and C) Taking too much emphasis away from the topics that really matter. But, I'd like to honor the request of those of you who would be interested in checking out my 10 and 1/2 pages of former excessive show addiction. If you want to see it, send me an email at seanmilligan31@hotmail.com , and I'll send you the attachment . And, if you have your own list or are interested in compiling your own and need my help, or if you just want to trip down memory lane about more of your experiences, I look forward to hearing from you.

It's too bad for Marksthespot that he saw Pink Floyd and Roger Waters a month apart. If only someone purposely booked both acts on the same day in the same venue so that Waters unknowingly showed up and was forced to play the great gig with Gilmore and his old mates. It's hard to believe that such a treat wasn't made public again until the quartet breathed at this past July's Live 8 in London.

Shine on you crazy diamonds! Stay cool, and if you spend too much time and money keeping yourselves cool, and you still get brain damage, run like hell!

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Jen said...

I can't even imagine not having air conditioning. I have lived in Florida for most of my life, and we run the a/c almost every day of the year. Even in the winter it is still warm enough that we need the a/c. That and the fact that it is so humid everything in the house will mildew without the a/c pulling the moisture out of the air.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh God, neither can I, it's so hot in Texas some days I think it really is hell. I'm not usually one for shameless blog plugging, but my husband has a music blog if you want to talk concerts and the like. Although be prepared for the most obsure music to make an appearance or three.

patrice said...

sean funny.

and I wouldn't kill you, weirdo. I'd just ask you simply "do you think that's something that should really be up there?" and then tap my foot mercilessly.

10 and a half pages?? you are INSANE.

Kodi said...

It has been raining buckets here in Utah. When I was in Virginia I thought I was going to melt, and was so happy to return to the dry desert heat, and crazy afternoon thunderstorms.