Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Great leprechauns on ice! Sean here, and I SO wasn't expecting to see the green background replacing the pink. Goes to show you how often I frequent this place (or infrequent, if you will). Sorry I've been away so long. I don't think I legitimately posted since before I left for Atlanta (except for those bitchin' test results). That's alright, though, because Patrice is so damn fine (growlllll....) at keeping everyone up to date, and I value that, and I'm glad that you all do too. In fact, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of blog-love being passed around lately, so I just want to say that I appreciate everyone too, and it's wonderful to meet everyone's acquaintance like this on a daily (or in my case, weekly/monthly/whenever I get around to it) basis. I'll fill you in on details about me lately that Patrice may have missed.

Indicated by the subject line, I'm pretty happy right now. I'm looking forward to going down the shore soon, and much like a topic already discussed, I'm so far from how I want to look on the beach, but at this point, I don't care because at least I'm doing something about it. I get comfort out of knowing that I'm trying hard regardless of the outcome. If I sat back and did nothing, then I would have nothing to blame but my own lack of effort. I'm still at 224 lbs., which is still about 30 lbs. more than I want to be, but I've been feeling good regardless. I'm eating well for the most part. I usually don't go out of my way to eat badly, but if bad (meaning tasty goodness) food comes my way, I have a hard time passing it up. This IT guy (Information Technology...not Pennywise from "It") just came over and offered leftover chicken fingers and popcorn chicken. After working 11 straight hours, my will was weak, so you know the outcome. I've been good for the most part, but tripped up a little by doing a bit of celebrating upon passing the test (beers and going out to eat several times), but I rebounded from that successfully with no weight gained. Although, I try not to think of the progress I may have undone.

The X factor lately has been Trent who, since our recent purchase of a cool Frisbee from Toys 'R' Us, wants to do nothing but run around with me and throw the disc, so I do. A) It's a lot of fun. B) It's good bonding time for the two of us. C) I sweat hella buckets indicating that I'm working out legitimately (or that I'm severely out of shape [a little from column A and a little from column B]). Along with the sweat, I feel my heart rate increasing, and my muscles tightening (like toy-ger). So, the exercise is making me feel better about myself. A few more weeks of this, and I should start seeing more results as I move away from this 224 plateau that I've been stuck on for a month.

Other than that, I've just been savoring the cuteness of Bella. I do this especially with the thought in mind that she will not be like this forever, which kills me, but I'm making the best of it. It's too hot for the walks that we were taking up until two weeks ago, but at least we have that Finding Nemo baby pool to dip ourselves into to compensate for our lack of A/C. If you look at the pool upside down, "Nemo" looks like "Owen".

Movie-wise, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, and it's safe to say that we all loved it. I can't wait until Bella is old enough to see great movies like this one with us. I also look forward to her being big enough to run around the field with Trent and I as we hurl the Frisbee at each other. Then again, I can wait because she is such a darling at this point, and she will continue to be (fate willing), but in different, more grown-up forms. I like this form for now, and I never want to forget how wonderful she is at the present time. Ah, the value of a video camera!
Since my iPod has plenty of music on it for now, I found something else to occupy my time, and it' s not reading (despite being stuck in the middle of Goblet Of Fire for the past two years and being 5 months behind on my Decibel Magazine reading). I sat down this time last week and started composed a list of every musical performance (a.k.a. show) I have ever been to. It started back in 1994 at Hershey Park when I saw Bob Dylan, and it brings me all the way to April '05 when I went to Worcester. It was very difficult to tally 'em all, but I think I have succeeded. Then again, I thought that yesterday, and I remembered two more today, so the list will probably continue to grow in increments. I used the Interent (amazing how much archived info you can pull from there), concert promoters (Sean Agnew from R5 productions), and friends (WB and Storm to name a few) for reference, and it's coming along pretty well. Patrice asked me why I'm doing this. Well, A) It will free up some of the space in my mind so that I don't have to waste grey matter for fear of forgetting these great experiences and occassional horrible annoyances. B) I'm sentimental. I like looking back on my life so far and appreciating how far I have come. C) It's a reflection of my personality. Looking at the list shows me how I have grown. For example, I don't go to nearly as many shows as I used to (went to 36 in the year 2001 alone compared to 2 this year). Another example is how the list shows how my musical tastes have changed. Finally, I like to think about the bands I was seeing and who went with me to see them, and if either are even still around or a part of my life. I can recall going to shows with friends and family members who I don't even talk to anymore, and I've seen bands that broke up soon after I saw them (some timely and some deservingly). Reflecting and compiling this info helps me admire the bands that are still around even more so (that is, if they are still around for the right reasons), and I make a special note of the people with whom I still have a strong friendship (most importantly, a marriage with a special author of this blogsite). Thinking back helps me gain massive appreciation for the ones that have made it through all of these years with me. It's not like I was born in 1994 or anything (that would be 1976), but my life definitely did start over that year when I broke out of my NE Philly bubble/cave/vacuum and started tasting flavors of life that I never had exposure to in the one-track mindset from where I came. But, that's a whole different story for another time. I may have gone on too long, but it was overdue. I hope you enjoyed my tangent.

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NME said...

I did enjoy your tangent. And was also not expecting the green.

I am enjoying this age too and am always trying hard to appreciate every second with Noah because they won't ever be exactly like this again. Things change so quickly.

I wish I could make a list like you're making. I have a horrible memory and wouldn't even know how to begin, though I do recall that my first concert was Foreigner at the Allentown Fair at age 10. I understand that remembering a concert and who you went with recalls who you were at the time. It's like a trip down memory lane. Very cool.

beanspot said...

Making a show list is an interesting idea. Maybe I should too. My first was Midnight Oil at Stabler Arena (with D Fryling) and in 10th grade. I was a little slow (didn't really want to go until I could drive myself), but made up for it later. Sean, you should publish the list here, it would be interesting to see it.

amandak said...

Shoot, I now I feel all old and uncool. Seeing how you're 2 years younger than me and have seen 6 times more concerts in 2001 than I have in my whole life. I am trying to remedy that a bit though, and have bought tickets to a concert for the end of this month, since I now live in the big city where there actually are concerts.

grody jo-dee said...

my 1st concert was in the 8th grade and it was Bon Jovi. my mom would only let me go with my older sister; she was so embarrassed to have me tagging along. i remember thinking i didn't know what that weird smell was coming from the bathrooms. but i think i got a contact high. :)

patrice said...

2001 was a rough year for my feet, I do remember that. if you went to 36 shows, I probably went to 26 of them with you. I still carry earplugs in my purse, just in case.

lonna said...

My first show was The Truth, The Hooters, and Squeeze in 1985. My friends and I saw Sting the very next day at the very same venue on the tour for his first solo album. The first show I begged my parents to go to was the Styx Paradise Theater tour in 1981, but I was forbidden. I was only able to go see Squeeze and Sting because my mother told me to go without telling my father about it.

Marksthespot said...

So, first concerts:

1. Roger Waters, Aug '87
2. Pink Floyd, Oct '87
3. AC/DC, Feb (?) '88
4. Pink Floyd, Jun '88

Sense a trend?

I could never go back and reconstruct my concert history now, but from my first at 16 through about age 21 I kept every single ticket stub. I only stopped when I started going to see bands in venues that didn't have ticket stubs (Khyber, Dobbs, etc.)

Sean, is your hearing as damaged as mine?

Brownidegirl74 said...

I really enjoyed the tangent!! Great reading.

My first concert was with Jesse Baith (and her older sisters) to see INXS and PIL at the Stabler Arena. I was in 8th grade and it was on a school night. I couldn't believe my parents let me go, I was sooo excited. It's been yrs since I was at a concert. I think the last one was when I was stationed at Minot, ND. It was a country concert.