the amazing chocolatier

this weekend was both a success and a failure. sunday was a throwaway day, but let's focus on the positive, shall we?

friday - got gigantic ice cream cones. nuff said.

saturday - we gave birth to the BEEF HEAD and saw C&TCF.

sunday - shhhhh.

so saturday. we had plans to drop off bella with brett, and meet sean in frazer, which is exactly as small and obscure as it sounds. it's just outside of west chester, which is totally not the west chester that hillary clinton is from, but is still nice. sean works in west chester and had gone to this place in frazer called Cheeburger Cheeburger, in homage to the SNL skit. they had a burger that is 20 oz, and if you eat it all, they take your picture and put it up on the wall. what we didn't know is that if you're 12 and under and eat a 10 oz burger, you also get your picture taken and have it up on the wall.

of course, we encouraged trent to be a total glutton and do the 10 oz. in fact, I appalled myself by coaching him not to eat the fries that came out and not to drink any of his chocolate milkshake so he would have room for the whole burger. and he came through with flying colors (as I'm sure the burger itself did sometime yesterday). he ate the burger, got his picture taken, was introduced to the whole restaurant, and is now famous.

but the best part? nicole had gotten him a t shirt from old navy that said "BEEF HEAD" on it with a picture of a steak and a little flag stuck into it that says "Prime". and trent happened to be wearing it, completely coincidentally. so he is immortalized on the Cheeburger Cheeburger bulletin board in frazer with his BEEF HEAD shirt. life doesn't get much better than that.

after dinner, we saw charlie and the chocolate factory, and I loved it. I even loved (and laughed at) the oompa loompa songs. I thought it was clever, didn't take itself too seriously, and did enough tips of the hat to the original to set itself apart but not too apart.

and then sunday came crashing down, but sunday is over. amen.

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Missuz J said...

I wanted to see Charlie and the... so badly I tried to take Soph. She was very nervous and a little scared but ok until poor agustus got sucked up the tube. She was down the aisle and out the door before I could even grab my purse. I guess I'll try and catch it at the dollar theater. Also, I love the green.

Your Trent and my Janz are so alike. Did I ever mention the essay janz wrote on the topic "My favorite things?" It was called "Steak and Bacon."

KATIEmagic said...

What a FUN family day!!

lonna said...

I love coincidences like that (Trent's shirt). I'm dying to see the Charlie movie (sigh Johnny Depp), but we don't have a baby sitter in town. So it's yet another movie that we have to wait for on video. We did blow off work on Friday and saw March of the Penguins. What a great movie.

Rebecca said...

you had me at giant ice cream cones. mmmm. i once spent some time in germany, and i swear what i miss most is european ice cream. you haven't lived until you've had ice cream in europe.

that's funny about your son, too. it sounds like something you'd see on the travel channel or food network!

NME said...

When the designers came up with that Tshirt they had no idea to what great heights it would reach. That it's message would truly be revealed. Trent fulfilled that shirt's destiny.

Kodi said...

Whoo hooo, go Trent! That is a fabulous story. I can just picture him all beeming with ketchup on his chin and that great shirt on. I can't imagine eating a 10 0z burger let alone a 20 oz. You are such a great mom.
I also loved Charlie...factory. My favorite part was the burning plastic singin dolls.

A Man without a Band said...

I want a BEEF HEAD tee!

Also, right about now, having skipped lunch today, I would also love (and would have no problem with) a 20 oz burger. mmmmm. burgers (spoken in the stylings of Homer Simpson).

As a big Gene Wilder (I almost wrote Hackman. that's not right.) version fan, I still enjoyed the new version. I like the fact that Depp played him as more of a grown-up child than Wilder. And, of course, Burton's hand was appreciated.

Not sure what happened with Becca (Jennifer and I were on the East Coast for a couple weeks) but glad to see she's back. I'm sure I'll see them this weekend, and maybe get the skinny then.

I actually started my blog as a way to justify writing off what I refer to as my Karaoke Summer Tour last year. I had already planned my summer trip, but signed with an agent just before leaving, and feeling more like a professional, decided I would write off the whole trip by hitting as many karaoke joints as I could, making the blog as "proof" that all those bar tabs were going to something. Apparently, Becca was going to write a comment to mine but couldn't because (unbeknownst to me) I had set up that only other bloggers could comment. I'm glad I could inspire her to join the blog world, and in turn, glad she has introduced me to some other bloggers I might not have otherwise encountered.

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