uh oh

first off, I am so excited that noah is crawling!! I love these baby milestones. and I have one myself, I'm proud to say.

bella said "uh oh" 2 days ago for the first time. when she drops something, which is all the time, I say "uh oh!" and give the item back to her. so when she dropped something 2 days ago, I said "uh oh" and there was little bella's voice (which is the same key as mine - so both of my children have deep voices) saying "uh oh!" I couldn't believe it, so I said it again. and she said it again. and I said it again. and she said it again. then I ran and grabbed the phone, called sean, and said it again. and she said it again.

and then - nothing. until once yesterday, and she said it to trent after he said it to her.

and then - nothing. until today. sean just called and said that she said it again. but not when he said it. I thought the whole thing was mimicry, as she tends to do that with alot of noises. but this time, she was playing with the dish towel (yeah, I know) and dropped it on the floor. and looked at sean and said "uh oh!" and when sean didn't get it right away, she said "uh oh!" again.

it's so crazy that she is on the verge of being able to understand what we're all talking about. it's a whole new ball game then - just like crawling is a whole new ball game for casa de eggerts. our worlds are going to change again, and then again, and again. it's exciting and a little scary and definitely exhilirating.

on a completely unrelated note: please, when in an area that serves rita's water ice, do yourselves a favor. never, EVER get a misto shake. it's all wrong. just - all wrong.

thank you, and good night!

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lonna said...

Uh-oh was Dermot's real first word too. We didn't even teach it to him. I think he picked it up at daycare. That's great that she uses it correctly on her own. Get ready, now it's just one thing after another. As soon as we think we are totally prepared for Dermot's development, he changes. We found out yesterday that he can point to his tummy and his nose when asked to. How cool is that?

NME said...

AMAZING! Bella is a talker ALREADY. This girl is obviously a genius and will undoubtedly be the world's next Oprah, only cooler and without the need to kiss the arses of other celebrities.
Yup. Bella's got it all going on and it is only the beginning.

Marksthespot said...

Soon it will go from "Uh-oh" to "Mom, get out of my room."

Kodi said...

Kiri's first word was Ba ba, cuz her bottle meant way more to her than mommy did. Now her favorite word is "whatever!"

Jaws said...

LOL thats so cute.

Wait.. soon after my kids learned uh oh they learned throwing their toys on the ground and say uh oh ment I came running. LOL Beware of the uh oh!..

I am babbling.. I need caffiene.

Jen O. said...

I love that Bella has a deep voice. I imagine her sounding like Bea Arthur.

KATIEmagic said...

That's so exciting! Congrats!

NME said...

When I was telling my mom about Bella's awesome feat last night she told me that "Uh Oh" was also my first word.

I should have kept up with it though - because I don't think I've ever said "Uh Oh" to Noah so he might learn it when he's twelve.

Missuz J said...


Congratulations on your first word! Now, repeat after me, "I love you mommy." What was that? You want your freakin' dish towel back? Oh well.

Aunty Boo

(The Aunty thing might be a little presumptuous. Sorry)