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bella had fun on the 4th of july...click the picture to see the entire photo stream. including pictures of my dad and fireworks.

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Katy said...

love the hat.

NME said...

So many great photos! Bella looks adorable as always. I love the pictures where she is "peekin" and Trent's hair looks so cool longer and shaggy like that.
And whose pool is that? And when we they be away so we can hang out in it?

Jaws said...

She is so cute. I am so jealous. I want another one!

My weekend? Send me a email and I will fill you in abit..LOL jawswasalady@hotmail.com

lonna said...

So many pictures! So much to say! As I've told you before I just love happy daddy and daughter pictures. Just precious. I also love older sibling-baby sibling pictures. Trent and Bella are so cute together.

I am also jealous of that pool. Glad you guys had a fun fourth.

TD said...

I second NME: Trent's hip haircut rocks.

To borrow a word from Missuz J, Bella is freakin' adorable.

Missuz J said...

Damn. I wish I were technologicaly savvy enough to figure out how to do pictures that way! I loved the one of Trent and Bella. Trent reminds me of my Janzen (whose mother gave him a MOHAWK--will post pics soon)

song said...

absolutely gorgeous! looks like you all had a heap of fun.